Meade 1.25" camera adapter/variable eyepiece projection adapter, needs T-ring


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This three-part Meade adapter lets you do both prime focus and variable magnification eyepiece projection photography with 1.25" focuser refractors and reflectors . . .
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Product Description

Consists of three parts for both prime focus and eyepiece projection photography with 1.25" focuser refractors and reflectors. Not recommended for Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, as these have their own specific thread-on adapters.

The 1.25" chrome barrel prime focus section is used by itself (with an optional T-ring) for prime focus lunar and terrestrial photography. The prime focus section and eyepiece projection section are screwed together for eyepiece projection photography (using the same optional T-ring). 

The eyepiece projection section consists of two nested tubes. The outer tube (to which the camera attaches) can be shortened or lengthened to change the projection distance from 90mm to 125mm. The telescoping outer tube is held firmly at the desired projection distance by two thumbscrews. The variable projection distance design allows you to change the magnification to vary the size of the image by 44% without the need to change to a different focal length eyepiece. Eyepieces with rubber eyecups may not fit into the camera adapter without temporarily removing the eyecup. Needs an optional T-ring. Threaded for 1.25" filters. The calculator below is set for a 90mm projection distance.

Tech Details

Max Projection Distance 125mm
Projection Distance 90mm
Weight 12 oz
Warranty 1 year


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I used this for some time as a variable spacer between my scope and my ASI AWO 174 camera for imaging although that isn't its intended purpose. I eventually started to use 2" spacers, but this still did the job when i was starting out in AP. I eventually was able to use the upper half of the body from this to have a long 2" spacer so even when i stopped using it it was still worth the investment. (Posted on 10/28/2018)
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