Celestron 1.25" Visual back / eyepiece holder


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This Celestron eyepiece holder/visual back threads on the 2" rear cell of all Celestron 5", 8", 9.25" and 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes to allow the use of 1.25" accessories . . .
Our Product #: 9125
Celestron Product #: 93653-A

Product Description

This Celestron eyepiece holder/visual back is used to adapt the 2"/24 threads per inch rear cell on all Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes for use with 1.25" accessories. This includes star diagonals, image-erecting prisms, straight through viewing with eyepieces, etc. This Celestron visual back is supplied as standard equipment with all Celestron 5", 8", 9.25" and 11" Schmidt-Cassegrains. It is available here as a replacement, should the original become damaged or lost.

Tech Details

Weight 3 oz
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
This deserves its own review because it comes on many Celestron scopes, some replace it and some live with it with or without a bad word or two. It uses two screws and does not have a compression band. It is adequate for the stock diagonal and many EPs, but add a Barlow, heavy EP or a camera and you discover the limits. I bought and latter sold a Click-Lock and the attached C-11. The Click-Lock is very strong but the threads were not quite right for my C-11, but it was strong.

So what to do for my remaining SCTs? Instead of a new VB I drilled and tapped (with just a self tapping screw) for a nylon screw equidistant from the factory screws. Three screws makes it a useful VB, otherwise buy something with a compression band. (Posted on 10/23/2019)
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