10.5x45mm Endeavor ED roof prism

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This Vanguard Endeavor ED 10.5x45mm roof prism binocular gives you morepower and more brightness than an ordinary 10x42mm binocular in areasonably-priced waterproof/fogproof body that's easy to hold and carrywithout tiring all day long.
Our Product #: EED10545
Vanguard Product #: Endeavor ED 1045

Product Description

This Vanguard 10.5 x 45mm Endeavor ED roof prism is a high power binocular for those who want more performance than a 10 x 42mm bino can give, but fear that a 10 x 50mm might be a little too big and heavy to hold and carry comfortably for long periods. If you are one of those people, this 10.5 x 45mm Vanguard may be just what you are looking for. It has the high power you crave, but its reasonable weight (only 26.8 ounces, little more than a 42mm binocular) makes it easy to carry and hold. 

With a twilight factor of 21.74, this Endeavor ED 10.5 x 45mm is a great binocular for observing in the low light of dawn and twilight.

The field of the 10.5 x 45mm Endeavor ED is commendably flat, with its images staying in focus from one side of the field to the other. Geometric distortion, the curving of straight lines at the edge of the field, is almost nonexistent. Chromatic aberration is essentially invisible, except for a tiny amount at the very edges of the field, but this is unnoticeable during observing. Colors are bright and true to life, even in low light conditions.

For those people who want high power, without their bino's size and weight becoming more of a handful than they want to carry around all day, the 10.5 x 45mm Endeavor might be just what the doctor ordered.

Features of this binocular . . .
  • Roof prism optics. Open bridge H-body roof prism design with internal center focus. High quality BaK-4 prisms for unrestricted light transmission.
  • ED glass. ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass in the objective lenses delivers excellent edge-to-edge sharpness and color correction, while essentially eliminating chromatic aberration during everyday use
  • Broadband multicoated optics. Fully coated on all air to glass optical surfaces with multiple layers of antireflection materials for very high light transmission and contrast. With a 4.29mm exit pupil and 45mm objective lenses, the 10.5 x 45mm Endeavor ED is a bright binocular in twilight or low light situations.
  • Phase-coated high transmission prisms. The image-erecting roof prisms are made of high quality BaK-4 glass. The premium grade prisms allow for sharp images. High transmission multicoatings and V-Max silver coatings increase the light throughput to provide the brightest possible images. In addition, special phase-correcting coatings are applied to the roof prisms for peak contrast, color fidelity, and resolution. The resulting improvement is easily seen in the greater color and detail visible in the shadowed areas of a silhouetted or backlit bird.
  • Open bridge body. The open bridge body design allows the fingers of your hands to wrap naturally around the binocular body for a secure grip in all weather conditions, even when using a single-hand grip. 
  • Waterproof and fogproof. Dry nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof and internally fogproof in all temperature and climate extremes. Designed to operate reliably in the humidity of rain forests, the heat of deserts, the cold of the Arctic circle, in the salt spray at the shore or during pelagic birding, or in your own back yard all year round.
  • Full armor. Black rubber armor absorbs noise and the bumps and thumps of everyday use and provides a good grip when wet. Thumb recesses and ridges where your fingers naturally fall assure a secure grip.
  • Wide field. The field of view is 6° (374' at 1000 yards).
  • Twist-up eyecups. Rubber-rimmed eyecups twist up to block ambient light and increase contrast for those who don't wear glasses. They retract for eyeglass or sunglass use. Click stops provide four distinct eyecup heights to let you match the individual eyecup height to your eyes. 
  • Good eye relief. Eye relief is specified at 17mm, although it typically measures a mm or two less due to the recessed position of the eye lens (from where the eye relief is typically measured). There may be some vignetting for sunglass wearers or those who must wear eyeglasses when observing.
  • Eyepiece rainguard and lens covers. A rubber eyepiece rainguard is standard equipment, to keep eyepieces dry in sudden showers. Tethered objective lens covers protect the optics during travel or storage. They flip off the optics and hang down under the binocular tubes to stay out of the way when using your binocular, but can be removed completely if so desired.
  • Close focusing. Only three-quarters of a turn of the large focusing knob moves briskly from a good near focus of 9.8' out to the horizon and beyond. The rubber-ribbed knob is easy to turn, regardless of the weather conditions. While a 9.8' close focus is acceptable for woodland birding, the 6° field is a little narrow for very close-in use. The 10.5 x 45mm Endeavor ED is probably better suited for more long distance observing across fields, marshes, and beaches than it is for close-in work in dense woodlands.
  • Locking rotary diopter correction. Raise the continuously variable metal diopter ring on the right eyepiece to match the binocular optics precisely to your individual eyesight for a sharp image. Snap the ring back down to lock the correction in place, so it cannot accidentally be changed in the heat of the birding moment.  
  • Tripod adaptable. For extended no-hands observing, a protective cover on the front bridge unscrews, revealing a 1/4"-20 thread hole for mounting the Vanguard 10.5 x 45mm Endeavor ED on an optional photo tripod using an optional tripod adapter #1187.
  • Standard accessories. A 1.5" wide neoprene-padded neck strap for comfortable all-day use and a water-shedding lightly padded Cordura-style nylon carrying case are standard equipment.

Tech Details

Armored Yes
Close Focus 9.8'
Exit Pupil 4.29mm
Eye Relief 17mm
Field of view 6
Field of view 1000 yards 314'
Height 6.13"
Interpupillary Distance 58.5-73mm
Optical Type Roof Prism
Relative Brightness 18.40
Twilight Factor 21.74
Weight 26.8 oz.
Warranty "No-Fault" Limited Lifetime


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