Meade 15' USB 2.0 Cable

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This 15' USB cable quadruples the length of the standard 5' LPI or DSI imager cable so you can put your laptop computer in a safer and more convenient location . . .
Our Product #: AUSB15
Meade Product #: 07583

Product Description

This USB 2.0 cable adapter extends by 15' the length of the short USB cable supplied with the Meade LPI (Lunar Planetary Imager), DSI (Deep Sky Imager), and DSI Pro. The short 5' length of the standard cable usually limits where you can put your laptop computer to a position right besides your scope, where it may get knocked over while framing a shot or focusing. This extension cable lets you put your laptop in a more convenient location where it's still handy, but not in the way.

The extra 15' may also give you enough cable length to connect your digital imager to an indoor PC through a window. This will let you image from the comfort of a warm house, rather than standing out in the cold for extended periods.

Tech Details

Weight 10 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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