Meade #546 AC Adapter for Meade ETX-60/70/90

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This accessory lets you operate the Meade ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT, and current models of the ETX-90, from AC power, so you don't drain the batteries in your scope . . .
Our Product #: 546
Meade Product #: 07576

Product Description

This Meade #546 AC adapter converts 110 Volt AC power to 12 Volt DC power to operate the Meade ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT, or discontinued ETX-80AT without draining the batteries in the scope. The 1000ma capacity transformer plugs into an ordinary household AC power outlet. A 25' cord connects to the scope. The cord has a polarized plug that clips onto the 9V plug in the scope battery compartment in place of the normal battery pack. The adapter permits unlimited backyard use without having to buy expensive new batteries after every 20 hours of use.

The Meade #546 AC adapter also works with current models of the ETX-90 (Meade #3514-04-15) and ETX-90 Portable Observatory (Meade #3514-04-20).

Tech Details

Weight 19 oz
Warranty 1 year


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