Meade 6' PC To ETX/LXD-75/LX90 serial interface cable only

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This 6' cable set connects your Autostar-equipped telescope (ETX, LXD-75, or LX90) to your laptop or PC to control the scope remotely and to clone new information between two telescopes . . .
Our Product #: A505
Meade Product #: 07505

Product Description

The #505 cable set consists of a 6' 4-pin to 6-pin telephone-style cable, plus a DB-9 6-pin to RS-232 serial interface adapter to connect your Autostar-equipped computer-controlled telescope (an ETX using a #497 Autostar, an LXD-75 scope using a #497 Autostar, or an LX90) to the serial port of your laptop or PC. It allows you to control the scope remotely from the laptop or PC and to download updated Autostar programs and the orbital elements of satellites, comets, and asteroids from the Meade website. A second 3' 4-pin to 4-pin telephone-style cable is included to let you connect two scopes to clone information from one scope to the other. This cable is for use with a DB-9 serial port-equipped PC only. If you have a laptop with a USB port instead of a DB-9 serial port you will need the Meade #AUSB serial to USB adapter and software to connect this cable to your computer's USB port.

Tech Details

Weight 4 oz
Warranty 1 year


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