A Guide to DSLR Planetary Imaging on CD-ROM

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This digital book on a CD-ROM explains how you can take and process beautiful photos of the Sun, Moon, and planets by recording the video from Live View in your Canon DSLR camera.
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This digital book on a CD-ROM by Jerry Lodriguss teaches you the secrets of high-resolution planetary photography using a Canon DSLR camera with Live View. The book explains how to use your Canon DSLR, your laptop computer, a Barlow lens, and "Lucky Imaging" techniques to record detailed images of craters on the Moon, sunspots on the Sun, and high-resolution detail on the planets such as the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, Cassini's division in the rings of Saturn, and the polar cap and surface details on Mars.

"Lucky Imaging" records hundreds, or even thousands, of frames in a short video of several minutes length with special Live View capture programs. Unique freeware planetary image-processing programs then analyze each frame in the video to pick out the sharpest ones that were "lucky" to be captured during those fleeting moments of good seeing where fine detail temporarily becomes visible. These lucky frames are then composited together by the program and sharpening is applied. Step-by-step instructions for using both video capture and image processing programs are provided. 
With this book you will learn how to:
  • Take high-resolution planetary images.
  • Use your DSLR camera and computer to record Live View for Lucky Imaging.
  • Process the video to produce spectacular results.
  • Use the best camera settings for planetary photography.
  • Correctly magnify the image to capture all of the detail present.
  • Recognize the importance of good "seeing" for high-resolution imaging.
  • Focus exactly for razor-sharp images.
  • Determine the correct exposure to use.
  • Acclimate and critically collimate your scope for good imaging.
Step by step instructions first show you how to use the following Live View capture programs to record your images: Backyard EOS, Astro Photography Tool, EOS Camera Movie Record, and Images Plus Camera Control.

Then, step by step instructions show you how to use the following processing programs to pick the sharpest images from your Live View files: AutoStakkert!, AviStack, RegiStax, and Images Plus.

The book then shows you how to convert the MOV video files you have saved into AVI files that can be used in planetary image processing programs.

More than 100 minutes of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions for complete image processing and enhancement of planetary images are included on the CD-ROM. Also included are short original planetary videos for you to practice with using planetary image processing programs.
The digital book contains references and resources for planetary photography, a glossary of technical terms used in the book, a fully searchable index, and formulas and calculators for planetary imaging.

You could search for months or years and, just maybe, find this information for free on the internet. What makes this book invaluable is that all of this information is in one place, organized and edited into a coherent and easy-to-read and use format, all of it put together by an award-winning expert you can trust.

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