Tele Vue accessory bracket to mount a TeleVue TV-60 on an SCT as a superfinder


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This Tele Vue accessory bracket lets you mount a Tele Vue TV-60 refractor on a catadioptric telescope for use as a superfinder, as well as to mount a TeleVue Starbeam finder on the same scope . . .
Our Product #: TVSCTB
TeleVue Product #: SAB-1001

Product Description

This Tele Vue dovetail accessory bracket lets you mount a TeleVue TV-60 apochromatic refractor on a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope for casual use as a superfinder. Using this adapter does not permit collimation of the TV-60 with the main scope optics. If the TV-60 is to be used as your primary finderscope on a catadioptric, consider instead the TeleVue #TVXYC mount. The #TVXYC permits very precise collimation of the TV-60 with the main scope, even at high magnifications.

The black-finish machined metal dovetail bracket has two slots that line up with the accessory mounting holes at the 1 o'clock position on the rear cell of a catadioptric telescope (Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov-Cassegrain, "Advanced Ritchey-Chrétien," etc.) It attaches semi-permanently using the cosmetic bolts supplied with the telescope to seal the holes in the scope's rear cell (new bolts are not supplied with this accessory bracket).

The mounting bar on the TV-60 slides into the dovetail slot of the bracket and is held in place by a single large plastic hand-tighten knob.

There is a safety stop in the dovetail slot that will keep the TV-60 from sliding out of the bracket should the locking knob accidentally loosen during use.

This adapter can also be used in conjunction with the optional TeleVue #TVSSB accessory bar to adapt a TeleVue-version Starbeam red dot finder to a catadioptric telescope so that one Starbeam can be used with two different telescopes.

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Warranty 5 years


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The mount works great on a SCT to allow you to mount a Starbeam or even a TV60, Great bracket. (Posted on 1/6/2019)
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