Astro-Tech 10X50mm illuminated right angle correct image finder, white body with grey trim

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This white and grey Astro-Tech correct image right angle illuminated 10x50mm finder is designed to match the white and grey finish of Astro-Tech refractors, but will work equally well and look equally good with many other brands of telescopes . . .
Our Product #: ATF50WH
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Product Description

This white and grey Astro-Tech 10 x 50mm illuminated finderscope is designed to provide a magnifying finder that matches the look of the many Astro-Tech refractors using a white and grey color scheme. However, its attractive neutral off-white body and grey trim will look equally good replacing the smaller finders that often come with other brands and types of scopes.

The image-erecting amici prism built into the Astro-Tech's right-angle diagonal gives you images that are correctly oriented (upright and right-reading), so that star patterns are seen exactly the way you see them on star charts and with your bare eye. This makes star-hopping from object to object using the Astro-Tech finder easier than with a mirror-image or inverted finderscope view.

The Astro-Tech's right-angle right-reading/erect image optics also allow you to view near the zenith in comfort with the finder, without having to turn your head upside down, as you do with the standard straight-through inverted-image finder supplied with most scopes.

The finder's image-erecting diagonal has precise helical focusing and a compression ring eyepiece holder. Both are premium touches rarely found in a finderscope. There is a dust cap for the eyepiece holder.

The finder's field of view is a full 5° and its 50mm aperture has a limiting magnitude of 11, fainter than the stars on any commercial star chart. This makes it easier for you to locate faint nebulas and galaxies.

Eye relief is a very long 20mm that is ideal for unvignetted eyeglass use. There's a rubber eyecup that rolls down for eyeglass use and rolls up to shield your eye from contrast-reducing ambient light when used without glasses.

The Astro-Tech finder weighs 26 ounces, including eyepiece and illuminator, but without optional finder bracket. The finder is aluminum, painted in a neutral off-white with an anodized grey and black diagonal housing and trim. It is internally baffled for higher contrast. The integral dew shield is extra long to retard the formation of dew and shield the objective from ambient light. There is a thread-in dust cover for the dew shield and objective, another premium touch rarely seen in competitive finders.

No finder bracket is supplied, but a dual ring quick release dovetail bracket (#ATF50R) is available as an option for mounting the scope on an Astro-Tech or TMB refractor, as well as virtually any other telescope or telescope type.

Please note: The 62mm diameter body of the finder may not fit into the 50mm finder dovetail that you may have been hoping to use from an existing Celestron or Meade scope. A larger i.d. dual ring quick release dovetail bracket (#ATF50QRB) is available as an option. It comes with a mounting foot and shoe designed to fit the Astro-Tech scopes. Also available as an option is the Astro-Tech #AT90GSR guidescope ring set which has the benefit of being able to hold either the finder or a small photoguide scope for astrophotography with the larger Astro-Tech refractors.

The supplied single crosshair illuminated reticle eyepiece is removable and has a standard 1.25" barrel. This allows you to remove it from the finder and also use it for centering stars in your main optics for polar alignment and go-to system alignment, for collimating your finder precisely with your main optics, for lining up guide stars in a photoguide scope and/or targeting objects for astroimaging, etc. A diopter ring on the eyepiece allows you to focus the crosshairs precisely to match your eyesight.

The illuminator for the eyepiece crosshairs has a combined on/off switch and rotary variable brightness control. The illuminator uses common A76/LR44/SR44 button-type batteries (supplied) which are easily replaced when needed. While the manufacturer supplies batteries at no cost with this product as a convenience, the battery charge or useful life is not guaranteed. The batteries may arrive with their charge depleted or very low. In such a case, you will have to purchase replacement batteries locally, as battery life is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Tech Details

Weight 26 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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