Astro-Tech #8 Light yellow 1.25" color filter


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This #8 light yellow Astro-Tech 1.25" eyepiece filter is helpful in improving lunar and Martian contrast in telescopes under 5" in aperture . . .
Our Product #: ATCF08

Product Description

Similar in performance to the #11 yellow-green filter, but somewhat less pronounced effect. Its high transmission is a better suited to scopes in the 60mm top 90mm aperture range, while the #11 filter's transmission is better suited to apertures 3.5" (90mm) to 5" (127mm).

Recommended applications for this filter:
Moon - Improves contrast and reduces irradiation between lunar features of varying brilliance in scopes under 5", especially when combined with a polarizer or neutral density filter. Venus - Occasionally helpful in revealing low-contrast banding in the thick Venusian cloud cover. Mars - Darkens blue and green maria, oases, and canal markings while it lightens the orange-hued desert regions. Also sharpens the boundaries of yellow dust clouds. Jupiter - Somewhat useful for darkening atmospheric currents containing low-hue blue tones and enhancing detail in small orange-red zonal features in the belts. Saturn - Somewhat useful for darkening atmospheric currents containing low-hue blue tones. Neptune and Uranus - Somewhat useful for enhancing very subtle dusky features in scopes 10" and larger. Comets - Brings out highlights in yellowish comet dust tails and enhances comet heads.
83% transmission

Tech Details

Color 8 - Light Yellow
Weight 1 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Increased contrast on the moon and Saturn. Worth the small cost to have this item in your toolkit. (Posted on 11/26/2018)
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