Astro-Tech Voyager 2 altazimuth mount


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The solid and stable Astro-Tech Voyager 2 light-to-medium-duty altazimuth mount and tripod has geared slow motion controls. This 18 pound payload capacity Astro-Tech mount weighs only 16.5 pounds.
Our Product #: ATV2
Astro-Tech Product #: ATV2

Product Description

Astronomy magazine named the original Astro-Tech Voyager alt-azimuth mount a Star Product for 2010, saying the "all-metal Voyager alt-azimuth mount is perfect for anyone who practices grab-and-go astronomy" The new Astro-Tech Voyager 2 is an improved version of that Star Product award winning and very popular original Astro-Tech Voyager altazimuth mount. 

The solid and low-vibration Voyager 2 is designed to hold small to medium sized fast focal ratio refractors in the 72mm to 102mm range. With a payload capacity of 18 pounds (8.2 kg), it can even handle some catadioptrics, Mak-Newts, and fast focal ratio reflectors up to 6" in aperture. 

The Voyager 2 alt-azimuth head has worm gear slow motion controls on both axes. These let you smoothly follow the motion of the Moon, planets, and deep space objects across the heavens. Large easy-grip handles lock the altitude and azimuth axes. A slight turn of the handles releases the axis locks so you can quickly move from one part of the sky to another. A similar turn back locks the axes so the slow motion controls can track celestial objects. Pull up on the spring-loaded handles and you can rotate them to position them at the most convenient angle for use.    

The scope mounting arm can tilt forward or back at a 45° angle to let you put the altitude slow motion control on either the left or right side of the mount, whichever you prefer. It can also point straight up for terrestrial use. The over-size control knobs on the slow motion control cables make it easy to track objects smoothly, even with gloves on in cold weather. 

A small Allen wrench is included to make quick adjustments to your Voyager 2 mount in the field. It stores in the scope mounting arm and is held in place by magnets so it is a snap to access the wrench and then store it away safely when you are done. Its thoughtful inclusion and storage method mean one less tool you need to remember to bring with you on observing sessions.

The chrome-plated steel tripod of the Astro-Tech Voyager 2 mount has adjustable height 1.5" diameter legs. Two lock knobs per leg prevent slipping. The lock knobs are thoughtfully placed on the inside of the legs to avoid snagging clothing in the dark. 

The tripod has a wide foot print of 58 inches with the legs fully extended (37" retracted), which makes the tripod very stable. A easy-tighten spreader bar locks against the inside of the legs for maximum rigidity to keep vibrations to a minimum. The spreader bar is drilled to conveniently hold one 2" and two 1.25" eyepieces.

With the legs fully retracted, the Astro-Tech Voyager 2 tripod is 40" high at highest point, and 36.5" to the center of the Vixen-style scope mounting bracket. With the legs fully extended, the tripod is 56" high at highest point, and 52.5" to the center of the Vixen-style scope bracket on the vertically-positioned mount arm.

Tech Details

Weight 16.5 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I've been very happy with this mount. It works beautifully with my Lunt 60mm solar scope as well as my 80mm short tube for quick grab and go opportunities. One of the magnets for securing the included allen wrench for adjustments disappeared. But I won't get this mount get away. (Posted on 10/28/2019)
Review by:
Great mount, its nice just to pick up and go (Posted on 10/17/2019)
Review by:
I have used this mount with a Celestron C6 and a Ioptron Versa 108mm - it is very solid in both weight/weight distribution applications that those scopes present. (Posted on 10/4/2019)
Review by:
I had this mount a couple of years ago, then sold it.
I,am sorry i did, It held my 80mm f11 refractor just fine,very stable.
(Posted on 9/13/2019)
Review by:
Excellent mount: lightweight enough to carry outside at moment’s notice, but sturdy enough for a good size refractor. (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Review by:
This is a solid grab and go mount for my AT72ED 72" refractor. The tripod is sturdy and the mount performs well. I have not made any tweaks as mentioned in other reviews. I did experiment with the positioning of the upper arm to ensure proper balance of the scope with its 2" diagonal and heavy eyepiece. A fully upright arm (not 45 deg) works best for me. (Posted on 7/22/2019)
Review by:
I was looking for an Alt/Az mount that could hold several of my OTAs. It has worked great with my 80mm APO. I have not used it with my 8" SCT yet. I think it might be a little heavy but it could work as long as it is well balanced. putting it together was pretty much straight forward. I do have some parts that don't seem to go anywhere? I will figure out where they go to when needed.
I would recommend this to anyone who want a quick grab and go setup that is not goto. (Posted on 1/12/2019)
Review by:
I have owned one of the Astro-Tech Voyager moints for years with an Orion 150mm Maksutov Caasigrain on it and wanted another mount to hold an Astro-Tech AT72ED for a grab and go set up with a wider field of view. The mount arrived within a week in great shape and mostly assembled. All I had to do was put on the tripod support andmount head on the tripod. This mount is as good as the original Voyager but the tripod is much more sturdy. Holds my scope very well. I upgraded a llittle by lutting an ADM VSAD-M8-V Series saddle on it and I added a Kokusai Kohki guide handle to prevent marks on my dovetails and to make it easier to move the mount with a scope on it. Noeither of these additions was necessary but the made it ai little better. I highly recommend this mount (Posted on 1/1/2019)
Review by:
Product was well packaged and arrived only two days after order was placed. The tripod is excellent, all metal construction including the extension joints. The mount is also cast aluminum and well made, but the assembly needed a little tweaking. The nuts holding the altitude and azimuth friction plates together were too loose, allowing excessive play. Once tightened, the play was minimized. Also, the azimuth slo-mo control arm needed to be rotated 45 degrees to avoid hitting the OTA when pointed near zenith.
After these adjustments the mount worked very well with an 80mm f/5 refractor, a 130mm f/5 Newtonian and a 150mm f/10 SCT. With a 100mm f/10 refractor on the mount, focusing the OTA produced quite a bit of wiggle which settled in about 2 seconds. Moving the OTA with the slo-mo controls was very smooth however. I think the 18 lb capacity is probably overstated - most users would be more satisfied staying well under 15 lbs, especially when using longer tube scopes.
Overall I am quite pleased with the mount and will use it as my primary grab-n-go mount. (Posted on 10/12/2018)
Review by:
Great Mount AFTER You Tweak It. Almost sent this back, but decided to risk taking it apart to see if I could fix 1) Azimuth head loose, wobbling the scope in altitude 2) Az post/slot loose so much that mount wiggled in Azimuth and 3) Slo-mo control directly lined up with scope (ES 102ED in this case), making for awkward use of the control 4) both Slo-mo cables became loose and slid off in cold weather.

Turned out the first three were easy adjustments, once you figured out how the thing is made and added a shim to the post. Last item I fixed by drilling a small dimple into the flats where the cables attach, giving the set screw a divot to screw into, holding tightly with a little thread lock applied.

A modest suggestion: Astro Tech and/or Explore Scientific (this mount appears to be identical to ES Twilight I) could do their customers a great favor by providing better documentation on how to make this mount work for them. Many folks are hesitant to take an item apart without some guidance from the seller.

(Posted on 8/4/2017)
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