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  1. Astro-Tech AT80EDT f/6 ED Triplet Refractor OTA

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    For the backyard grab-and-go observer, for the Milky Way star field scanner, for the wide field imager, for the birder and terrestrial photographer . . . the Astro-Tech AT80EDT 80mm f/6 ED triplet apo is the Swiss Army knife of refractors.
  2. Astro-Tech AT90CFT f/6 Triplet Apo Refractor Carbon Fiber OTA

    The Astro-Tech AT90CFT is a fantastic portable triplet instrument.
  3. Astro-Tech AT92 f/5.5 Triplet Apo Refractor OTA

    If you are looking for the best fast focal ratio/compact APO refractor that Thomas Back and Roger Ceragioli could create, then look no further.

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