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  1. Observing The Moon

    This is an exceptional hands-on observing primer and more for the lunar observer. Whether you are a novice or an experienced observer, you'll find plenty in this book to keep you intrigued and glued to your telescope . . .
  2. Stargazing Basics: Getting Started In Recreational Astronomy

    Whether you are a parent thinking of buying a telescope for your children, or a newcomer yourself, this book covers all the basics about picking the right equipment and taking the first steps into the fascinating world of astronomy . . .
  3. The Monthly Sky Guide, By Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion, 8th Edition

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    NEW CLOSEOUT. This Monthly Sky Guide is a newly revised 72-page book of 50 individual star charts that offers a clear and current introduction to the skies of the northern hemisphere for beginners of all ages to help you identify constellations, star clusters, nebulas, galaxies, lunar features, and planets . . .
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