Capture the Cosmos with Celestron!

The Cosmos series on television is raising interest in astronomy and Celestron is helping to raise interest even further by lowering prices! From now through midnight April 30th, you save instantly on Celestron CGEM, CGEM DX, CGE Pro scopes and mounts (including all EdgeHD models), and on EdgeHD optical tubes during Celestron's "Capture the Cosmos" sale.

Here are your links to your instant savings – from $220 to $900 – on complete Celestron scopes using tried and true classic Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain optics:
the 8” CGEM 800;
the 9.25” CGEM 925;
the 11” CGEM 1100;
the 11” CGEM DX 1100;
the 14” CGEM DX 1400 Fastar;
the 9.25” CGE Pro 925;
the 11” CGE Pro 1100;
and the 14” CGE Pro 1400 Fastar.

And here are your links to your instant savings – from $250 to $1000 – on complete Celestron scopes using the latest high definition Edge HD optics:
the 8” CGEM 800 HD;
the 9.25” CGEM 925 HD;
the 11” CGEM 1100 HD;
the 11” CGEM DX 1100 HD
the 14” CGEM DX 1400 HD;
the 9.25” CGE Pro 925 HD;
the 11” CGE Pro 1100 HD;
and the 14” CGE Pro 1400 HD.

Just need an EdgeHD optical tube to upgrade the optics on your existing mount? Here are your links to your instant Celestron savings – from $130 to $580 – on Fastar-compatible EdgeHD optical tubes: 

Maybe you just want to upgrade your current mount. Here are your Celestron instant savings of $150 to $500 on
the Celestron CGEM mount;
the CGEM DX mount;
and the Celestron CGE Pro mount.

Sales are brisk, but shipments from Celestron are arriving regularly. Any order placed before the end of the sale will qualify for the savings, even if we are temporarily out of stock on an item the day you order. There is no form to fill out and send in to collect your savings, no waiting to get your savings . . . just an instant savings when you order. Don’t miss your chance to save on some prime Celestron products before this Celestron "Capture the Cosmos" Sale ends!

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