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  1. Tele Vue large field corrector for CCD imaging with NP-101is/NP-127is

    This auxiliary lens optimizes the edge of field performance with 35mm CCD chips and larger on the NP-101is and NP-127is . . .
  2. Astro-Tech AT152EDT .72x Reducer Field Flattener


    The Astro-Tech AT152FF 0.72x focal reducer/field flattener is designed specifically for prime focus astrophotography with the AT152EDT triplet refractor.

  3. Astro-Tech 2" Field flattener for imaging with Astro-Tech and TMB refractors

    The Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2010 Astro-Tech 2" photographic field flattener improves the image sharpness at the corners of the field with Astro-Tech and TMB apo refractors, but will also work well with any other brand of f/6 to f/8 refractor, as well as Astro-Tech Ritchey-Chrétiens . . .
  4. Meade 3" field flattener for imaging with Meade 115mm and 130mm refractors

    The Meade 3" two-element field flattener is designed to specifically optimize the flat-field imaging performance of the Meade Series 6000 115mm and 130mm ED triplet apochromatic refractors only . . .
  5. Explore Scientific 2" Nosepiece Adapter For Explore Scientific FFFR507X-00


    This adapter is designed to work specifically with the Explore Scientific 3" Field Flattener/.7x reducer.

  6. Astro-Tech Schmidt-Cassegrain f/6.3 Focal Reducer Field Flattener


    This combination f/6.3 focal reducer/corrector lens reduces the focal ratio of all Celestron 5" through 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, as well as all Meade 8" through 16" SCTs . . .

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