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  1. SBIG CLA7 SBIG 8300 Nikon Camera Lens Adapter

    This adapter mates the 8300 cameras with popular 35mm camera lenses for wide field imaging. 
  2. Astro-Tech 2" Prime focus adapter, needs T-ring

    This Astro-Tech 2" prime focus adapter allows unvignetted prime focus photography with most reflectors and refractors equipped with a 2" focuser . . .
  3. Tele Vue Adapter to use 2" nosepiece CCD cameras and filter wheels with TeleVue IS refractors

    This TeleVue adapter lets you use CCD cameras and filter wheels with 2" nosepieces on TeleVue IS refractors . . .
  4. Tele Vue SBIG STL-11000 CCD Camera adapter for NP-127is, NP-101is, and TV-102iis

    The TeleVue STL adapter threads directly onto SBIG STL11000 Research Series CCD cameras to allow wide field imaging with a TeleVue imaging system refractor . . .
  5. Astro-Tech 1.25" prime focus/variable eyepiece projection adapter, needs T-ring

    This three-part Astro-Tech camera adapter lets you do both prime focus and variable magnification eyepiece projection astrophotography with 1.25" focuser telescopes . . .
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