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  1. Takahashi 5mm long eye relief illuminated reticle eyepiece

    This Takahashi eyepiece consists of a long eye relief guiding eyepiece and a cordless LED illuminator.
  2. 16mm cordless, for use in Questar Starguide only

    This Questar #19151 16mm illuminated crosshair reticle eyepiece has a self-contained battery-powered variable intensity LED for guided long-exposure imaging with a Questar telescope equipped with a Powerguide and Questar tracking accessories . . .
  3. 9mm 1.25" Plössl with cordless illuminator

    This 1.25" Plössl has a built-in cordless illuminator with moveable dual crosshairs for use with any make or model telescope and/or off-axis guider . . .
  4. 12mm MA astrometric with illuminator

    A high-precision eyepiece for a wide range of astronomical measurements, the Meade MA12mm Astrometric Eyepiece is an important tool for the advanced amateur. The laser-etched reticle (below) is evenly illuminated by an...
  5. Astro-Tech Cordless illuminator

    This very economical Astro-Tech #ATIL adjustable brightness red LED illuminator can be used with any crosshair reticle guiding eyepiece that uses an 8mm nosepiece diameter illuminator . . .
  6. Astro-Tech 24mm illuminated reticle eyepiece

    The economical Astro-Tech #AT24IL illuminated reticle 1.25" eyepiece helps you align your go-to telescope on the sky, check your polar alignment for astrophotography, center guide stars in an photoguide scope, and more . . .
  7. Celestron CrossAim 12.5mm dual crosshair Plössl

    This 12.5mm Celestron "CrossAim" 1.25" Plössl design double crosshair reticle guiding/centering eyepiece comes with a variable brightness cordless illuminator for use with any make or model telescope and/or off-axis guider . . .
7 Item(s)
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