Celestron AstroMaster tripod altazimuth mount


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This heavy-duty AstroMaster tripod provides a stable platform for
binoculars, small telescope tubes, spotting scopes, and more . . .

Our Product #: 93610
Celestron Product #: 93610

Product Description

This heavy-duty Celestron AstroMaster tripod is the same one used with Celestron AstroMaster telescopes to support altazimuth refractors up to 90mm in aperture. It is available separately here to provide a smooth and stable altazimuth mount for binoculars, small refractor and catadioptric telescope tubes, cameras, spotting scopes, etc.

The AstroMaster 93610 adjustable height tripod has two-section 1.25" diameter stainless steel legs and extends to a height of 52", yet weighs only eight pounds. An accessory tray to hold eyepieces and small accessories is mounted on the spreader bars that stabilize the tripod legs. A tension control/lock knob adjusts the azimuth (side-to-side) motion and drag and a twist-to-lock pan handle adjusts the altitude (up-and-down) motion and drag.

The Celestron mount has a Vixen-style dovetail slot at the top with a lock knob and a separate safety lock knob to hold your optical tubes equipped with a Vixen-style dovetail bar, with no other adapter needed.

Also provided is a camera/spotting scope platform with a standard 1/4"-20 thread camera mounting bolt to hold your camera, spotting scope, or binocular tripod mount. This camera platform is mounted on a Vixen-style dovetail bar that fits into the dovetail slot on top of the tripod.

Tech Details

Weight 8 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I purchased this mount two years ago and I no longer have it. It could have been a great mount but Celestron missed the mark here. Pan head is awful to attempt to control your OTA in altitude, it either sticks or flops, the legs wobble and as another reviewer stated, it is so short one cannot use this mount unless you lie on the ground. The removable dovetail bar was good so I kept that part. It gets one star for the dovetail bar. (Posted on 11/25/2018)
Review by:
Bought this a few years back for an 80mm Explore Scientific APO refractor. Held the scope pretty well however slight movement would often cause very irritating shaking that would not dampen out until ~15 seconds had passed. Worked "OK" as a grab and go mount but I would still only recommend using this mount with a small refractor or maksutov under 5 pounds.
The one area that this mount shined in was as a photography mount, as it held my Nikon D3400 quite well for landscape images. (Posted on 11/24/2018)
Review by:
At first glance the design appears rugged, and certainly worth the modest price. I especially like the way the center tray locks into place. My disappointment, however, falls into two categories. First, defects. This arrived with a bent pan control rod, so that it bound up while tightening the vertical axis. It was bent where the thread attached to the end of the rod, so couldn't have been bent while assembled, which would bend in an entirely different place. The horizontal pivot was grossly loose too; it seemed like a bushing must have been omitted there, as the whole head could wobble a full 1/4 inch at the dovetail plate. I can't know if that was a manufacturing defect, or is just terrible design. Second category is the inherent design. There are two major problems for a tripod that is advertised for use with binoculars. (1) The pan handle is too long and pokes into the chest of an observer, even if the binoculars are mounted as far to the rear as the dovetail platform allows. You just about can't get your eye to the binoculars. (2) The height adjustment is impossibly short. An observer would be in a seated position if targets are low, but would have to be on hands and knees if the target is above 30 degrees, and that is mounting the binoculars with a bracket that raises the binoculars over 4-1/2 inches. Too bad. It could have been a wonderful value. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
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