Save during Celestron’s NexStar SE go-to telescope sale.

You can save up to $200 right now on a Celestron NexStar SE computerized scope. From now through midnight on New Year's Eve, you save $50 to $200 instantly when you buy a Celestron NexStar SE go-to telescope with Celestron’s unique fast setup point-and-click SkyAlign technology.

Here’s a link to your instant savings of $50 to $200 on each and every Celestron NexStar SE scope, with prices starting at only $449 for a fully-equipped and highly portable go-to Celestron scope.

Rather than ordering large quantities of scopes that can sit in a warehouse for months, we order product frequently in small quantities. That way, you are always assured of getting the latest and best version from the factory.

Unfortunately, that means we sometimes temporarily run out of sale items. If we are temporarily out of stock on the Celestron NexStar you want, don't despair. They are all in stock at Celestron and we can have your scope in our warehouse ready to ship to you within a few days. Your $50 to $200 savings will be honored as long as you order before 2015 changes to 2016 at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, Thursday, December 31.

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