Dobsonian Light Shrouds

A light shroud is a must have for many observers who have a commercial truss-tube Dobsonian reflector, such as those from Meade, Orion, and Sky-Watcher. A light shroud is a black tubular cloth wrap that fits snugly over the scope’s truss-tube cage to keep stray light from reaching the primary mirror. This improves image contrast and darkens the sky background. A light shroud also minimizes the chance of an eyepiece or filter being dropped on the telescope’s exposed primary mirror.

In addition, a light shroud tends to act as a dew shield to keep the primary mirror from dewing up – an important consideration if you observe in dew-prone locations. It’s something few observers consider until the first time dew ruins an observing session.

Each Astrozap, Meade, and Orion light shroud listed below is custom-sized to fit a specific Meade, Orion, or Sky-Watcher Dob only.

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