ETX To SCT thread back cell adapter

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This adapter converts the photo port of a Meade ETX to a standard SCT rear cell thread so you can use virtually any Schmidt-Cassegrain accessory on your ETX . . .
Our Product #: MBCA
Meade Product #: 07036

Product Description

The Meade back cell adapter converts the photo port (Cassegrain focus) of all Meade ETX Maksutovs from a proprietary Meade thread to a standard 2"-18 thread SCT rear cell. This lets you use on an ETX virtually any accessory that connects to the rear cell of a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope - focal reducers, visual backs, photo adapters, etc.

For example, you can use the Meade f/6.3 and f/3.3 focal reducers with the long focal ratio ETXs for CCD astrophotography, to provide a wider field of view and shorter exposure times with a Meade DSI (Deep Sky Imager). You will also need an optional #9135 eyepiece holder to connect the DSI to either focal reducer. A 1900mm f/15 5" ETX125 effectively becomes a 1200mm f/9.42 with the Meade f/6.3 focal reducer and a 670mm f/5.28 for CCD imaging with the f/3.3 reducer.
A 1470mm f/14 4" ETX105 effectively becomes a 925mm f/8.82 with the Meade f/6.3 focal reducer and a 485mm f/4.62 for CCD imaging with the f/3.3 reducer.
A 1250mm f/13.8 3.5" ETX90 effectively becomes a 790mm f/8.69 with the Meade f/6.3 focal reducer and a 415mm f/4.55 for CCD imaging with the f/3.3 reducer.

Care should be taken when choosing accessories to use with this adapter. For example, the rear cell of an ETX is made of plastic with only a metal insert for the photo port. It is possible that the weight of a heavy 35mm camera at the end of a 6" long tele-extender could be more than the plastic rear cell could support using this adapter. Use common sense when loading the rear cell of your ETX using the #MBCA, as damage to the scope due to a too-heavy load would not be covered under warranty. A focal reducer and light weight CCD camera would be a more suitable load than a heavy 35mm camera and tele-extender.

To use the #MBCA adapter, unthread the metal cover over the camera port on your scope and thread the anodized aluminum #MBCA adapter on the ETX in its place. Be careful when tightening the adapter, as the threads are sharp and might cut your fingers if you apply too much pressure. There are two holes in the adapter. Put the tip of a ballpoint pen into one of these holes and use it to tighten the adapter in place.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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