Eyepiece caddy for Coronado PST solar scope

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This aluminum caddy for the Coronado PST solar scope both keeps your eyepieces handy and improves the image contrast in the scope . . .
Our Product #: PSTCAD
Astrozap Product #: AZ 1100

Product Description

This aluminum eyepiece caddy for the Coronado PST solar scope serves a double purpose. It keeps your eyepieces and PST lens cap close to hand so you don't have to keep one eyepiece in a linty pocket while you observe through another. It also shields you from the Sun's rays while observing to improve the image contrast through the scope.

The PST slips through the large hole in the upright portion of the caddy. The mounting bolt from your tripod or altazimuth fits up through a hole in the horizontal portion of the caddy and into the PST mounting block. Tightening the tripod bolt holds both PST and caddy firmly in place. The three holes on the left side of the caddy hold 1.25" eyepieces. The smaller hole on the right holds either a fourth eyepiece or the diagonal plug from the PST. The large hole on the right holds the PST lens cap.

The four eyepiece holes have rubber rims to hold the eyepieces securely in place. The front side of the caddy is finished in white to reflect back the Sun's rays and keep the observer cooler. The back of the caddy is finished in matte black for improved contrast when observing.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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