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  1. Astro-Tech 15mm 1.25" Paradigm Dual ED

    This Astro-Tech 15mm Paradigm Dual ED eyepiece gives you the outstanding medium power performance of a high-priced eyepiece at a price that will make you wonder why other eyepieces are so high-priced . . .
  2. Astro-Tech 16mm UWA 82° 1.25" Eyepiece

    This 16mm Astro-Tech 82° field eyepiece will show you surprisingly wide deep space panoramas with any type or focal ratio telescope.
  3. Astro-Tech 15mm 1.25" Value Line Plössl

    This 15mm Astro-Tech Value Line Plössl is a good quality medium power 52° field eyepiece at a price that is surprisingly low for the high performance you get . . .
  4. Astro-Tech 15.5mm 1.25" PF Eyepiece

    This Astro-Tech 15.5mm PF series eyepiece has excellent eyerelief and a fantastic flat field to further enhance your viewing pleasure.
4 Item(s)
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