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  1. Tele Vue 2X Barlow for 1.25" eyepieces

    This 2-element Barlow has superb sharpness to match that of TeleVue eyepieces. Despite being "merely" an achromatic system, good design gives it better color correction at the edges of the field than some 3-element "apochromatic" Barlows.

    It is fully multicoated, with blackened lens edges and internal antireflection threading for excellent contrast. Its barrel is threaded for standard 1.25" fil . . .

  2. Tele Vue 2X Big Barlow for 2" eyepieces, with 1.25" eyepiece adapter

    This 2" 2x Clamp Ring Big Barlow can be used with any telescope using a 2" focuser. As it is only 4.5" long, it can also be used in most 2" star diagonals for 2x magnification.

    It can also be placed into a 2" focuser in front of a 2" star diagonal to give higher magnification than the nominal 2x. Some refractors might not have enough focuser travel to allow this directly, however. . . .

  3. Tele Vue 2X Powermate image amplifier for 2" eyepieces, with 1.25" eyepiece adapter

    If you need a very high quality 2x Barlow for 2" eyepieces, look no further than this TeleVue Powermate. While not technically a Barlow, this unique new 4-lens image amplifier performs the same functions, but at a higher level of optical correction. Barlow lenses have a negative power that diverges field rays, lengthening the effective focal length of the telescope and increasing the magnification . . .
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