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  1. Explore Scientific 5.5mm 100° field waterproof 2" eyepiece


    The Explore Scientific 5.5mm argon-purged waterproof 2" eyepiece combines a high power capability with a 100° apparent field to provide a jaw-dropping observing experience in your telescope.

  2. Astro-Tech 28mm UWA 82° 2" Eyepiece

    This Astro-Tech 28mm waterproof eyepiece is a substantial 2" eyepiece that will give impressively sharp and contrasty wide field views of nebulas, compact open clusters, globular clusters, etc. with virtually any telescope that can use 2" eyepieces
  3. Takahashi 12.5mm 1.25" long eye relief

    A very high quality general-purpose eyepiece that will show you all the medium power observing detail your telescope is capable of producing . . .
  4. Tele Vue 3.5mm Nagler Type 6

    This is an exceptional-quality and very short focal length ultra wide field eyepiece . . .
  5. Tele Vue 16mm Nagler Type 5

    This latest premium 1.25" eyepiece from Al Nagler uses six optical elements for optimized performance across a very wide field of view . . .
  6. Explore Scientific 16mm 68° field argon-purged waterproof 1.25" eyepiece

    This Explore Scientific 16mm argon-purged eyepiece is a truly fine medium power eyepiece with a substantial 68° field of view that can provide a comfortable "picture window onto space" viewing experience with virtually any telescope type.
  7. Astro-Tech 3.2mm 1.25" Paradigm Dual ED Eyepiece

    This Astro-Tech 3.2mm Paradigm Dual ED eyepiece has excellent color fidelity and contrast, exceptionally low distortion, and a low price that will change your opinion about how much you really have to pay for optical excellence . . .
  8. Astro-Tech 13mm UWA 82° 1.25" Eyepiece

    This 13mm Astro-Tech 82° field eyepiece will show you surprisingly wide deep space panoramas with any type or focal ratio telescope.
  9. Tele Vue 19mm Panoptic

    An excellent premium-quality medium power wide field eyepiece that is exceptional with fast focal ratio Dobsonian reflectors . . .
  10. Tele Vue 7mm Nagler Type 6

    This is a superb short focal length ultra wide field eyepiece designed as an upgrade to the original and highly-prized 7mm Nagler . . .
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