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  1. Tele Vue 31mm 2" Nagler Type 5

    This Nagler Type Five eyepiece uses a new six-lens design that reduces the size and weight of this 31mm eyepiece to less than that of the previous generation 20mm Nagler . . .
  2. Celestron 31mm 2" 82° Luminos

    This 31mm 2" Celestron Luminos eyepiece has an immense 82° field of view for low power "picture window" views with 2" focuser Dobsonians and short focal length refractors . . .
  3. Explore Scientific 30mm 82° field argon-purged waterproof 2" eyepiece

    Regular Price: $369.99

    Special Price $314.99

    This 82° field Explore Scientific 30mm 2" argon-purged waterproof eyepiece gives you the big picture, making you feel like you're relaxing in front of an expansive picture window on the Universe, rather than squinting through an eyepiece.
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