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  1. Tele Vue 17mm 2" Nagler Type 4

    The TeleVue 2" 17mm Nagler Type 4 is a premium-quality eyepiece that further refines the "spacewalk" observing experience of the original Nagler and Nagler Type 2 eyepieces that have been the optical standard of the industry for years . . .
  2. Meade 28mm Series 5000 PWA 2" Eyepiece

    The "picture window on space" viewing experience of this 82° field Meade PWA 28mm 2" eyepiece gives you the low magnification you want, without cramping your field of view like an ordinary high power eyepiece . . .
  3. Tele Vue 27mm 2" Panoptic

    An excellent premium-quality low power wide field 2" eyepiece for the serious deep space explorer . . .
  4. Explore Scientific 24mm 82° field argon-purged waterproof 2" eyepiece

    This 82° field Explore Scientific 24mm 2" argon-purged waterproof eyepiece makes observing feel like you're relaxing in front of a picture window on the Universe, rather than squinting through an eyepiece.
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