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  1. Celestron Kit of 1.25" Plössl eyepieces and visual accessories

    This Celestron accessory kit consists of fourteen Celestron 1.25" visual accessories that will get you started observing right with your new Celestron telescope - or any brand of telescope . . .
  2. Explore Scientific 68 Degree Eyepiece Kit

    Using advanced computer design, combinations of low dispersion and high refractive index optical glasses, and durable multilayer deposition coatings, Explore Scientific 68° Series™ Argon-Purged Waterproof extreme wide field eyepieces are optimized to produce high contrast, high resolution, and superior flat field characteristics. 
  3. Celestron Visual accessory kit for Celestron PowerSeeker scopes

    This PowerSeeker 1.25" visual accessory Kit is designed to enhance the capabilities of your Celestron PowerSeeker telescope at a very modest cost, but this kit may also be used with many other telescope that accepts 1.25" eyepieces and filters.
  4. Coronado CEMAX Three eyepiece/Barlow set

    The CEMAX eyepiece set consists of a fitted case containing three 1.25" CEMAX eyepieces (12mm, 18mm, and 25MM) and a 1.25" CEMAX Barlow. The set is priced nearly $100 less than the cost of just the eyepieces and Barlow bought separately, without case. All of the optical components are designed to optimize hydrogen alpha solar viewing . . .
  5. Explore Scientific 82° Eyepiece Kit

    This Explore Scientific 82° eyepiece kit consists of 6.7mm, 11mm, 18mm, and 30mm argon-purged waterproof 82° field waterproof Explore Scientific eyepieces and a soft-sided case to hold them all . . . all at a special money saving package price.
  6. Meade Series 4000 Plössl 1.25" 5-eyepiece and filter set

    This special Meade visual accessory kit gives you five Meade 1.25" Plössl eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens, and seven eyepiece filters at a price far less than that of buying the components separately.
  7. Astro-Tech Kit of 1.25" eyepieces and visual accessories

    This Astro-Tech accessory kit consists of ten 1.25" visual accessories (eyepieces and filters) that will get you started observing right with your new telescope, no matter what brand scope you buy . . .
7 Item(s)
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