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  1. Pentax 3.5mm XW extra wide angle eyepiece

    This very short focal length Pentax eyepiece has a wide 70° field of view combined with a long 20mm eye relief for eyeglass use . . .
  2. Explore Scientific 3mm 52° Series Waterproof Eyepiece


    Looking for something out of the ordinary for your next eyepiece?  The Explore Scientific 52° series is a strong contender for necessary addition to your eyepiece collection.

  3. Celestron 2.3mm X-Cel LX Series 1.25"

    This very short focal length 2.3mm Celestron X-Cel LX Series six-element eyepiece is designed for high magnification viewing and imagin with short focal length refractors and fast focal ratio reflectors.
  4. 2.8mm 1.25" long eye relief ED

    An exceptionally short focal length in an exceptionally sharp high contrast design . . .
  5. TeleVue 3mm DeLite™ 62° 1.25" eyepiece EDE-03.0

    The TeleVue 3mm DeLite eyepiece is a lighter, more compact, less expensive, 62° field/20mm eye relief version of the famed TeleVue Delos eyepieces, and the natural extension of the Ethos family tree.
  6. Tele Vue 3.7mm 1.25"/2" 110° field Ethos-SX

    The TeleVue 3.7mm Ethos-SX eyepiece shows you the same 110° view of space and the Moon that the Apollo astronauts saw when they trained to land on the Moon. The TeleVue 3.7mm Ethos is a Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2011 . . .
6 Item(s)
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