Four-piece 1.25" red/green/blue/IR filter set for CCD imaging

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The Meade 1.25" CCD filter set includes red, green, and blue interference filters, plus an IR blocking filter, at a substantial savings over the cost of buying most comparable-quality sets of non-Meade filters . . .
Our Product #: MRGB
Meade Product #: 4530

Product Description

The Meade DSI (Deep Sky Imager) Pro and DSI Pro II CCD cameras come without filters, but with a click-stop filter slider for repeatable positioning when using 1.25" filters for tri-color imaging. This is the CCD color filter set for use in that filter slider. These filters will also perform well in the standard 1.25" filter wheels of CCD cameras from other manufacturers.

This Meade CCD color filter set includes four high quality 1.25" dichroic CCD color filters. You get separate red, green, and blue interference filters, plus an IR blocking filter. You can use the first three filters for conventional RGB imaging. If you like, you can then add a separate exposure through the IR-blocking luminance filter for more advanced LRGB imaging. You can also use the IR filter by itself for monochrome imaging.

These filters have multiple high transmission ion-deposited coatings on strong 3mm thick optical glass substrates. They are mounted in black anodized filter rings. The filter rings have standard 1.25" diameter eyepiece filter threads so they can thread into any CCD camera's 1.25" nosepiece and can be used with any standard 1.25" color filter wheel. They are parfocal, so you do not have to re-focus when switching between filters. Each filter is packed in its own protective plastic container.

The filters are available separately here so you can buy a Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro or Deep Sky Imager Pro II CCD camera without filters for high-quality monochrome imaging, then add the filters later when you're ready to move up to the more challenging tri-color imaging. Buying the camera and filters separately is more expensive than buying them together as a camera/filter set package, however. The filters are also available separately here for use with non-Meade cameras, generally at a substantial savings over the cost of buying a comparable-quality set of non-Meade filters.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter


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