Full aperture glass filter for Takahashi FS-102. TSA-102, FSQ-106

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This full aperture glass filter fits Takahashi FS-102. TSA-102, and FSQ-106 refractors . . .
Our Product #: 71T4
Thousand Oaks Product #: 5750

Product Description

This full aperture solar filter fits the Takahashi FS-102, TSA-102, FSQ-106, and FSQ-106ED (New Q) refractors. It has a 127mm (5") clear aperture Type 2+ glass filter element. The filter element is mounted in an aluminum cell with a 146mm (5.75") internal diameter. This allows it to fit scopes with a maximum outer diameter of 144mm, using three to four tabs of the supplied self-adhesive thin felt on the inner rim of the cell to provide a snug and rattle-free fit. The filter comes with two long strips of felt for mounting, each 3/4" wide. One strip measures 1.1mm thick, while the second is 2.2mm thick.

You can custom-fit the filter to other telescope tubes down to a 137mm o.d. by using two layers of the 2.2mm thick self-adhesive felt on each of the tabs.

Always remember to install the solar filter before pointing your telescope at the Sun to avoid instant and irreversible damage to your eyesight.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter
Weight 10 oz.
Warranty 15 years


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