iOptron CEM25EC Center Balanced go-to equatorial mount with high precision encoders, hard case, 1.75" tripod

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The CEM25EC2HC, highest-precision go-to "portable" equatorial mount iOptron makes, is even more stable with the upgraded 1.75" tripod.
Our Product #: CEM25EC2HC
iOptron Product #: 7103EC-HC
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The iOptron CEM25EC2HC center-balanced go-to equatorial mount has high precision optical encoders for a periodic error of less than 0.3 arc seconds RMS. It is light weight, easy to tranport, whisper quiet, and uses up to 60% less go-to power than other mounts in its category. All of which makes it ideal for serious astrophotography at remote dark sky sites.

The iOptron "Z" design mount puts the weight of the payload over the mount's center of gravity, allowing for greater natural stability. Given its payload capacity, this means the "Z" designed mount is unusually light, a nice benefit when transporting and setting up at a remote observing site. The mount features a very stable tripod with 1.75" stainless steel legs. An adjustable counterweight bar that allows low latitude use without the counterweight hitting the tripod. And polar aligning is quick and accessible all the time since the polar scope is not blocked by the declination shaft.

The iOptron CEM25EC2HC is equipped with the latest advanced GOTONOVA go-to technology, making it one of the most powerful and accurate go-to mounts available. Its go-to database includes over 150,000 objects. The hand control is intuitive to use and its large 4-line LCD screen simplifies the process of aligning your scope on the night sky and locating objects.

The iOptron CEM25EC2HC features a new design center-balanced CEM25P equatorial mount for a maximum payload of 27 lbs (12.3 kg), with mount-only weight of only 10.4 lbs (4.7 kg). It has a spring loaded gear system with customer-adjustable loading force. Gear switches on both R.A. and DEC axes allow easy balancing when disengaged. A pivoting counterweight shaft allows for 0º latitude operation. There is a spring loaded Vixen-style saddle for mounting optical tubes with a V-style dovetail mounting bar.

The included iOptron AccuAlign calibrated polar scope has dark-field illumination and an easy polar alignment procedure, allowing for fast and accurate polar alignment. There is also a polar alignment routine in the software for those who can't see the Pole Star.

The iOptron mount's stepper motor has low power consumption for extended use in the field. The drive has inherently low periodic error (< ± 10 arc seconds) to begin with. High precision optical encoders, combined with new electronics and a control adapter from the more than twice as expensive iOptron CEM60, cut that already low periodic error to an astonishing <0.3 arc seconds RMS. The controller features a built-in 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS) and an integrated ST-4 autoguiding port. There is also a serial port for firmware upgrade and computer control.

The tripod weighs a 13.5 lbs (8kg). It has 1.75" diameter stainless steel tripod legs, with a die-cast metal tripod spreader and accessory tray. A hard case for the equatorial head is standard equipment.

The CEM25EC2HC is also available with a lighter 1.5" diameter leg tripod that decreases the tripod weight to 11 lbs (5kg), for those situations where weight is a serious consideration. Also available optionally are a PowerWeight rechargeable 8 amp hour battery pack/counterweight combination, and an optional StarFi WiFi adapter for full function control via SmartPhone/Tablet/Computer.

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