iOptron MiniTower 2 Go-to computerized mount


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The iOptron MiniTower 2 second-generation  go-to altazimuth mount with GPS is first-class combination of payload capacity, portability, and computerized efficiency . . .
Our Product #: MINI2
iOptron Product #: 8300-2G
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Product Description

This second-generation iOptron MiniTower 2 altazimuth go-to mount has:

• Two dovetails for dual payload capacity (30 lbs + 10 lbs)
• Built-in go-to altazimuth computer drive with nearly 130,000 object database
• Built-in 32-channel GPS
• 8 line 21 character LCD screen with back-lit LED
• Retractable counterweight shaft with one 10 lb counterweight
• 110 VAC, 12VDC, or flashlight battery operation
• Adjustable height tripod with 1.5" diameter stainless steel legs
• Metal carry case for head and accessories

This second-generation iOptron MiniTower 2 altazimuth go-to mount has a standard payload capacity of 30 pounds (13.6 kg), plus ten pounds (4.5 kg) of additional payload on the opposite (balancing) side of the mount. It has a stable aluminum and stainless steel tripod with 1.5" diameter outer section/1.25" inner section stainless steel legs and leveling screws.

There are two Vixen-style dovetails on either side of the die-cast aluminum altazimuth head so you can use two telescope optical tubes simultaneously. This allows the iOptron MiniTower 2 to carry a wide variety of refractor and catadioptric optical tubes . . . and even a surprising number of reflectors, as well.

The iOptron MiniTower 2 mount is extremely portable. All of its standard components (excluding the tripod) can be stored in its supplied hard case. The case (fully loaded with mount head, counterweights, & accessories) weighs only 29 pounds (13.2 kg). The tripod weighs only an additional 13 pounds (5.9 kg). This light weight and compact size lets you easily fit the iOptron MiniTower 2 into your car trunk (or even take it as airline luggage). Once unpacked, the whole system takes only 10 minutes to assemble. This unlimited portability, combined with the internal GPS system, gives amateur astronomers extreme flexibility in selecting an observing location anywhere on earth.

The second generation MiniTower 2's dual-axis 12VDC servomotor drives have enhanced optical encoders for 0.1 arc second resolution and a manual push-to capability without losing its lock on the sky. It uses aluminum worm wheels and brass worms for smooth and accurate tracking. Four high precision bearings support the altitude and azimuth axes. It has four tracking speeds (sidereal, solar, lunar, and user-defined), plus nine user-selected tracking, centering, and slewing speeds: sidereal for tracking; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, and 128x sidereal for centering; and 256x (1°/sec), 512x (2°/sec) sidereal, and a maximum speed of ~4°/sec for slewing. The DC motors require a 12VDC (10~14VDC) power supply capable of providing at least 1.5A output.

The iOptron MiniTower 2 is equipped with advanced SmartStar go-to technology, including a built-in 32-channel GPS system for fast and accurate alignment on the sky. The standard hand controller has an 8-line/21 character  back-lit LCD display, and a USB port for easy connection with any ASCOM compliant PC planetarium program. With a typical go-to accuracy of 1 arc minute and SmartStar precision auto-tracking, the iOptron MiniTower 2 will consistently bring the celestial object of your choice to the center of the eyepiece field and keep tracking it accurately for hours.

The supplied GoToNova technology computer hand control has nearly 130,000 objects in its go-to database including: 10 solar system objects, including the Sun and the Moon; 60 named deep sky objects; the 110 object Messier Catalog, the 7,840 object NGC Catalog; the 5,386 object IC Catalog; the 12,939 object UGC Catalog; the 29,004 object MCG Catalog; the 109 object Caldwell Catalog; 2712 objects in the Abell Catalog; the 400 object Herschel Catalog; 190 comets (user-upgradeable); 191 named stars; 40 double stars; 38,624 GCVS variable stars; 26,584 stars in the SAO catalog; 4096 asteroids; the 88 modern constellations with their names; plus up to 256 user-defined objects.

There are many unique features built into the MiniTower 2. For example, it has automatic over-current protection; manual push-to for both axes with automatic clutch protection; a high accuracy level indicator with an easy 3-point leveling adjustment; dual telescope capability with two dovetails on opposite sides of the mount; and much more,

The mount can be powered by eight user-supplied AA flashlight batteries, by its supplied universal 100-240V AC adapter, or from an optional 12 volt rechargeable battery (such as the Celestron 4512V or 4517V) by using the supplied DC adapter cable with car cigarette lighter plug. Other supplied accessories include a USB cable, a 10 lb (4.5 kg) counterweight; and the previously-mentioned hard travel/storage case.

With its large payload capacity, built-in GPS, and easy-to-use go-to computer with a nearly 130,000 object database, the iOptron MiniTower 2 is one of the most complete, affordable, and user-friendly go-to mounts available today. It could well be the ultimate observing solution for people who are searching for a capable and portable go-to telescope mount that they can take to a dark sky site to get away from the light pollution in their backyards.

Tech Details

Weight 42 lbs
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
Lightweight and easily assembled in 5 minutes. Alignment also generally easy to do if you have unobstructed all round view of the sky. The initial alignment gives the scope decent tracking and goto accuracy, but the magic happens when you sync the tracking with each object you goto. Able to hold tracking with object in centre of eyepiece FOV for the entire night after you sync on 1 or 2 other objects, other than the initial ones you used for alignment. Can hold a c8 pretty well. Never tried to max the loading before, but i would estimate 10kg max, based on my current set up of c8 and accessories. (Posted on 10/7/2018)
Review by:
I have owned this mount for several years and it has performed well with no issues. I use it for my Solarmax II 60. It's very easy to set up I simply orient it to north, with a compass, point it at the sun manually and select solar tracking - that's it. I would recommend this product for grab and go lighter telescope use. I have even taken it traveling as carry on luggage with the tripod checked in a duffel bag. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
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