iOptron SmartEQ Pro+ go-to German equatorial mount


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The iOptron SmartEQ Pro+ mount is a nifty little grab-and-go German equatorial go-to mount ideal for visual observation and wide field astrophotography that can fit into almost everyone's budget. 

Our Product #: SMARTPRO
iOptron Product #: 3200
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Product Description

This new iOptron SmartEQ Pro+ grab-and-go German equatorial mount has:
Built-in go-to computer drive with 149,000+ object database
Dual-axis servomotor with optical encoders
11 pound maximum payload capacity
Runs 16 hours on 8 AA batteries for use in the field
Metal worm and gears
Built-in polar alignment scope
Built-in autoguider port
Adjustable height tripod with 1.25" diameter stainless steel legs

The iOptron SmartEQ Pro mount is a very portable and very affordable grab-and-go German equatorial mount for entry-level visual astronomers and wide-field astrophotographers. Flashlight battery operated, it is designed for travel, backyard imaging, and transporting to a dark sky site. It is ideal for go-to visual observing and wide-field astrophotography with many of the most popular short focal length refractors, small catadioptrics, and cameras of all types.

Payload capacity: The SmartEQ Pro comes with a 2 pound (0.9kg) counterweight and a retractable 16mm counterweight shaft that stores inside the equatorial head. The design of the equatorial head and position of the battery compartment let you use payloads of up to 4 pounds (1.8kg) without using the counterweight. The mount and installed batteries will provide the balancing weight needed. The counterweight and extended counterweight shaft will balance payloads between 4 pounds and 8.8 pounds (4kg). If your payload is greater than 8.8 lbs (4 kg), an additional optional counterweight will be needed.

Drive system: The SmartEQ Pro mount has aluminum alloy 120-tooth 60mm diameter drive gears and brass worms in both right ascension and declination. The steel right ascension and declination axis shafts are 25mm in diameter, with 42mm diameter bearings.

The standard equipment dual-axis DC servo motors with encoders provide 0.5 arc second per step resolution, more than precise enough for an imperceptible stepping motion during visual observing and wide-field imaging.

The DC motors require a 9-12VDC, 1 amp power supply. The motors draw 0.1A while tracking and 0.3A while slewing. Eight AA batteries provide up to 16 hours of continuous tracking, depending on the ambient temperature. An optional external 12VDC power supply can be used to power the scope indefinitely, for example from 110VAC in your back yard.

There are nine guiding, centering, and slewing speeds available: sidereal and 2x sidereal for guiding; 8x, 16x, 64x, and 128x sidereal for centering; and 256x (1°/sec), 512x (2°/sec) sidereal, and a maximum speed of ~4°/sec for slewing. There is a serial port on the hand control for mount firmware upgrade and ASCOM control using an optional computer.

An ST-4 autoguider port is standard equipment for long-exposure astrophotography.

The supplied GoToNova hand controller has a 4 line/21 character LCD display. After entering the local time ande location information, a simple one-star alignment is all that is needed to start you observing. You can sync the scope to known objects to improve the pointing accuracy.

The GoToNova hand controller contains a go-to database of more than 149,000 objects that includes: 60 named deep sky objects; the 110 object Messier Catalog, the 7,840 object NGC Catalog; the 5,386 object IC Catalog; the 12,921 object UGC Catalog; the 109 object Caldwell Catalog; the 400 object Herschel Catalog; 195 named stars; 15 comets; 116 asteroids; 210 double stars; 26,584 bright stars from the SAO catalog; 5,553 bright variable stars from the GCVS catalog; the 88 modern constellations with their names; plus 60 user-defined objects.

Mount details: The SmartEQ Pro mount is designed to be very portable for travel and grab-and-go use. The equatorial head weighs only 6.2 pounds (2.8kg), not counting the 2 pound (0.9kg) counterweight. The supplied adjustable height tripod has 1.25" diameter stainless steel legs, and weighs only 5.7 pounds (2.6kg).

It is quite stable, able to support the SmartEQ Pro equatorial head and the maximum rated payload with ease. An optional set of vibration-dampening pads might be a useful addition during visual observing, however. During transport and storage, the standard counterweight shaft stores conveniently within the mount body.

The mount is designed to operate in both northern and southern hemispheres at latitudes from 0° to 62°. Twin adjustment knobs in the base of the mount let you fine-tune the azimuth alignment on the pole over a +/-10° arc.

The standard equipment AccuAligning bright field polar alignment scope works in conjunction with a display in the computer hand control to provide very accurate polar alignment for long-exposure astrophotography. There is a built-in bubble level for leveling the mount for the most accurate tracking.

Optical tube mounting method: The mount head accepts industry-standard Vixen-style dovetails.

If you're looking for an extremely affordable grab-and-go go-to mount for visual observing and serious auto-guided wide-field astrophotography, you won't find a better value than the iOptron SmartEQ Pro equatorial. It may be the grab-and-go travel mount you've been looking for.

Tech Details

Weight 14 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I am using this with the OTA of my old 1st generation Meade ETX90. For that scope, this mount works well. I usually only roughly align it and the goto's are acceptable. When I spend more time doing a careful polar alignment, they are spot-on. The tripod is sturdy enough for my casual observing and the accessory tray is convenient. (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Review by:
They say overbuy on your mount, and that $1000 new is about the limit for an astrophotography mount. I thought I was smarter, and that I could use this little mount for a little while and keep it around as my ultraportable setup.

Unfortunately, the QC leaves a lot to be desired. One battery door was completely wedged shut. It required prying open with a flathead screwdriver, and when I finally got it free, I saw that the tab wasn't molded correctly and it had been wedged into the body.

One of the holes for the tripod leg tighteners was threaded in extremely crooked. So crooked, that the fastener couldn't get tight enough to clamp down on the leg no matter how much I cranked it down. It turns out the head of the fastener was bottoming out on the hole before it completely tightened.

The motors make a loud whining noise when they're stopped. Not entirely an issue in RA since the noise goes away as soon as you start tracking, but Dec makes that noise too. It's very annoying. Astronomy is a peaceful hobby for me - sitting out in the quiet in the dark looking at the sky. Not possible with this mount, since even in regular tracking it can be quite loud in a very unpleasant high pitched squeal almost like coil whine.

Outside of QC issues, some features leave a ton to be desired too. The tripod is garbage. I have a $60 AmazonBasics aluminum photography tripod that's stiffer than this thing. You could try to improve on it by sliding in the legs, but then it's so low that using the polar scope is almost impossible.

The latitude clutch can't be tightened down enough on my model to actually completely stop altitude axis movement. Speaking of latitude adjustment, the adjustment screw is right where your head needs to go to look through the polar scope, making polar alignment infuriating.

That said, there are some positives. I love the hand controller. It has a big easy to read display and nice buttons. I'm really impressed with iOptron's controller interface. It feels like something from 2018 unlike some of the bigger names and their hand controllers.

Overall, it's more frustration than it's worth. And I was so scared that if I did perform all the mods necessary, there's always the chance that the plastic mechanics could get stripped and then I'd be out of luck after lots of work. Kudos for iOptron for having the guts to bring a niche small EQ mount to the market, but it still needs some work to be really ready. (Posted on 12/28/2018)
Review by:
These mounts are excellent for 5” or smaller cats and faster 90mm or smaller refractors. Goto’s are spot on and tracking is superb. (Posted on 12/17/2018)
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