Large Universal Wheeley Bar telescope transporter w/5" wheels

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Tip-to-Tip Distance
To be sure that your mount will fit a particular Wheeley Bar product, it may be necessary to verify the tip-to-tip distance of the mount. Usually, this measurement is made with the legs of a tripod fully retracted (the shortest length) and spread out completely. Alternately, you can measure at your preferred viewing height, but be sure to allow for the height of the Wheeley Bars (listed with each product). The tip-to-tip distance is the measurement from the outside edge of the end of one tripod leg or pier foot (where it touches the ground) to the outside edge of another tripod leg or pier foot as illustrated below.

The left-hand illustration shows the tripod footprint and the correct tip-to-tip measurement to the outside of the legs. The center illustration shows a tape measure being used to determine the tip-to-tip distance. The arrow in the right-hand illustration shows the correct measuring point at the outside of the leg.

Here are some examples of different types of tripod feet. The tick marks show where to measure on the outside of the leg to find the tip-to-tip distance. You also need to be sure that your tripod leg or foot is not too large to fit into the receptacles cut into the Wheeley Bars. Measure the diameter of the leg or foot and be sure it is smaller than the listed receptacle size.

    For leg style A, with a tubular tip, you need to measure the leg diameter.

    For leg style B, with a flat circular foot plate, you need to measure the diameter of the foot plate.

    For leg style C, with a rounded tip, you need to measure the leg diameter.

    For leg style D, with a pointed tip, you also need to measure the leg diameter.

    For leg style E, with a flat circular leveling foot, you need to measure the leveling foot diameter.

This JMI Large Universal Wheeley Bar with 5” wheel upgrade gives you an easy way to roll your very heavy tripod- or pier-mounted and assembled 10” through 14” telescope from garage to patio or driveway, even over rough and uneven ground. You don’t have to take the telescope out in a number of heavy individual pieces and struggle to lift and assemble it in the dark. Simply roll your fully assembled telescope from indoors to outside.

This Wheeley Bar is designed to work primarily with the following telescopes:

    ATS Portable Pier mount (depending on weight of telescope and configuration of pier legs);

    Celestron C14, CI-700 mount (CGE scopes and mount require the 10" wheel upgrade version #BWBAR10);

    Meade LX200 12” and 14” (Ritchey-Chrétien, GPS and non-GPS) with giant field tripod, LXD700 and 750 mounts, RCX400 10” through 14”;

    Mountain Instruments MI-8P mount; and

    Particle Wave Technologies Monolith Pier mount.

The Wheeley Bar adjusts to fit a tripod leg tip-to-tip distance of 48” to 56” so telescope tripods not listed above that adjust to those dimensions can also be used. For more details, click on the “tip-to-tip distance” icon above. The tips of your telescope tripod’s legs fit into 2.75” diameter receptacles at the ends of the three arms of the Wheeley Bar’s sturdy painted steel tripod base. This Wheeley Bar has fully locking 5” diameter polyurethane wheels in place of the standard 2-3/8” hard rubber wheels. It raises your mount 6.75” off the ground. It is designed to be used with the tripod legs fully retracted to keep the center of gravity low and allow the telescope to be moved through doorways more easily. Locking wheels and leveling screws on the Wheeley Bar allow you to move, lock, and level the complete telescope assembly with ease.

Due to the extra weight of the telescopes typically used with this Large Wheeley Bar, extra bracing is added between the three legs of the Wheeley Bar to add strength and rigidity to the assembly. This adds stability to the scope by keeping the legs from twisting if one wheel hangs up temporarily on an uneven surface.

The large 5” wheels on this Wheeley Bar let you maneuver on rough surfaces such as grass, dirt and gravel, as well as on uneven hard surfaces such as flagstone paving. A pull handle and set of six optional larger diameter 10” (#WB10) pneumatic wheels are available – either at the time you buy your Wheeley Bar, or as a later upgrade – so you can maneuver on very rough terrain without snagging the wheels or sinking into soft ground.

A word of warning. Great care must be taken in maneuvering on rough or uneven natural surfaces, particularly when wet, as the wheels may sink below the surface and snag unexpectedly. We do not recommend using this Wheeley Bar on rough surfaces under adverse conditions, especially if you have a very heavy telescope. Care should also be used when moving the system on smooth surfaces. Be certain the tripod legs are fully and firmly inserted into the Wheeley Bar’s leg receptacles. Pull or push the system only by gripping the telescope tripod below the center of gravity, particularly with a heavy scope mounted on the Wheeley Bar. Do not push the top of the scope to get it moving, particularly on uneven surfaces. Astronomics and JMI are not responsible for incorrect loading or operation.

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JMI - Large Universal Wheeley Bar Telescope transporter with 5" wheel upgrade

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JMI - Large Universal Wheeley Bar Telescope transporter with 5" wheel upgrade
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This large Wheeley Bar with 5” wheel upgrade gives you an easy way to roll your large tripod-mounted and assembled telescope from garage to patio or driveway observing site, as well as over rough terrain in the field . . .

. . . our 38th year