Kendrick DigiFire 12 four channel/six output temperature-sensing digital heater controller


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The six-output Kendrick DigiFire12 dew heater controller has four programmable outputs that can be set to operate independently at different power levels, with temperature sensors to control two of them.
Our Product #: KDF12
Kendrick Product #: 2001-12

Product Description

The Kendrick heavy-duty DigiFire 12 temperature-sensing dew heater controller has six outputs. Four are individually programmable dew heater ports. There is a temperature sensing control system for two of these ports. Two temperature sensors are included: one to detect the ambient air temperature and a second to detect the temperature of your optics. Each has a 6' cable for connecting to the DigiFire control unit.

The heaters of the two temperature sensor controlled ports on the DigiFire 12 are only powered on when the temperature difference of your optics relative to the ambient temperature exceeds the level you choose. You can choose a temperature differential setting between 0-10 C°. Heating your optics only when needed prevents unnecessary over-heating which degrades image quality and saves battery power. The temperature sensors do not require "calibration". 

An additional optics temperature sensor with a 6' cable length is optional. Adding this allows you to measure the temperatures of a reflector's primary and secondary mirrors separately, and adjust as needed to eliminate the dewing of the elements independently. You can also measure and control the temperature of the optics of two telescopes simultaneously (a main scope and a photoguide scope, for example).

The fifth output is a constant 12VDC port with a maximum 15 Amp capacity for powering accessories, such as cooling fans, computerized setting circles, etc.  

The sixth output is a 12VDC port for powering accessories that can also be programmed to provide an 8VDC output suitable for powering popular DSLR cameras. This port has a maximum 1.5 Amp capacity. Just add a user-supplied optional DSLR Battery Adapter and you can power your DSLR from the DigiFire 12. The DSLR power supply is designed for normal astrophotography applications - long exposures with momentary delay between exposures. It is NOT designed for daytime "burst" exposures.

The Kendrick DigiFire 12 uses 100% digital Pulse Width Modulation operation that is free from RFI (radio frequency interference). This is absolutely necessary if you are into digital imaging, as RFI from a lesser controller can create interference and undesirable artifacts in your digital image that cannot be removed.

Each of the Kendrick DigiFire 12 programmable outputs can be set individually to operate on a variable power duty cycle system. This system alternates between periods of full power output and zero power output. A 20% duty cycle, for example, would be on 20% of the time and off 80% of the time. This Pulse Width Modulation method is much more power-efficient than a resistive-type controller, which wastes 80% of your battery power heating a resistor rather than heating your optics when it is set for a 20% power level. 

The duty cycle system can operate from zero output to 100% in 10% increments. A bar graph LED display shows you the operating status and allows you to program the individual duty cycles. After 2 minutes, the indicator lights shut off automatically. Pressing either of the control buttons turns the lights on again.

The Kendrick DigiFire 12 has a 15 Amp total power capacity (maximum 7 Amps using the supplied cigarette lighter plug cable). It includes a low voltage cut-Off. This feature saves your battery from permanent destruction due to being discharged too deeply. There is also a Disable Low Voltage Cut-Off feature. Its use is not recommended, but if you want to drain your battery beyond repair it is now possible. Reverse polarity protection is standard. The DigiFire 12 measures 6" long x 3.5" wide x 1" high. 

Tech Details

Weight 7 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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I use this controller with Kedrick Premier Heater Straps on my Celestron Edge HD 9.25 with a Kendrick Dew Cap for C9.25 SCT. I have not had any dew problems. Interface is intuitive. (Posted on 7/23/2019)
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