Kendrick DigiFire 8 four channel/six output digital heater controller

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The six-output Kendrick DigiFire 8 dew heater controller has four programmable outputs that can be set to operate independently at different power levels.
Our Product #: KDF8
Kendrick Product #: 2001-8

Product Description

The Kendrick heavy-duty DigiFire 8 dew heater controller has six outputs. Four are individually programmable dew heater ports. The fifth is a constant 12VDC port with a maximum 15 Amp capacity for powering accessories, such as cooling fans, computerized setting circles, etc.  

The sixth is a 12VDC port for powering accessories that can also be programmed to provide an 8VDC output suitable for powering popular DSLR cameras. This port has a maximum 1.5 Amp capacity. Just add a user-supplied optional DSLR Battery Adapter and you can power your DSLR from the Digifire 8. The DSLR power supply is designed for normal astrophotography applications - long exposures with momentary delay between exposures. It is NOT designed for daytime "burst" exposures.

The Kendrick DigiFire 8 has 100% digital Pulse Width Modulation operation that is free from RFI (radio frequency interference). This is absolutely necessary if you are into digital imaging, as RFI from a lesser controller can create interference and undesirable artifacts in your digital image that cannot be removed.

Each of the Kendrick DigiFire 8 programmable outputs can be set individually to operate on a variable power duty cycle system. This system alternates between periods of full power output and zero power output. A 20% duty cycle, for example, would be on 20% of the time and off 80% of the time. This Pulse Width Modulation method is much more power-efficient than a resistive-type controller, which wastes 80% of your battery power heating a resistor rather than heating your optics when it is set for a 20% power level. 

The duty cycle system can operate from zero output to 100% in 10% increments. A bar graph LED display shows you the operating status and allows you to program the individual duty cycles. After 2 minutes, the indicator lights shut off automatically. Pressing either of the control buttons turns the lights on again.

The Kendrick DigiFire 8 has a 15 Amp total power capacity (maximum 7 Amps using the supplied cigarette lighter plug cable). It includes a low voltage cut-Off. This feature saves your battery from permanent destruction due to being discharged too deeply. There is also a Disable Low Voltage Cut-Off feature. Its use is not recommended, but if you want to drain your battery beyond repair it is now possible. Reverse polarity protection is standard. The DigiFire 8 measures 6" long x 3.5" wide x 1" high. 

Tech Details

Weight 7 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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