Kendrick go-to telescope hand control heater

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This dew heater strip mounts on the back of a go-to computer's hand control and keeps the control's 2-line display from becoming too dim to see as the temperature drops . . .
Our Product #: KDHAND
Kendrick Product #: 2019

Product Description

In cold weather, the two-line display screens of go-to computer hand controls fade out and become difficult or impossible to see as the temperature drops. This 6.5" by 2.5" Kendrick dew heater strip eliminates this problem.

It mounts on the back of your computer hand control and warms it gently. This keeps the display screen warm enough to prevent image fadeout. Two wide rubber bands hold the heater strip, with its label side out, onto the back of your hand control. The rubber bands allow easy installation and removal of the heater strip and also can easily be replaced if they break as they age. One side of the heater strip (the label side) is sponge-insulated. This directs the warmth of the heater element into the hand control, rather than being lost into the atmosphere. The result is that you need less energy to keep your hand control display operating properly. 

The heater strip draws only 0.5 amps at full power (power consumption at normal operating levels will generally be 40% to 60% less, as the normal standard controller setting is medium to low). It has a permanently attached 4' power cord terminated by a male RCA plug for connection to the heater control unit. The heater strip is designed for use with Celestron NexStar/CPC or Meade ETX/LX90/LX200/RCX400 AutoStar hand controls, but can be used with any brand of go-to telescope using a hand control.

Tech Details

Weight 2.5 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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