Leica Lifetime Sport Optics Passport Plan

Important: Your product purchase must be registered within 30 days from date of purchase to obtain this exclusive Leica Camera Inc. (USA) Lifetime Passport Plan protection! Be sure to sign and return the registration card within the required time period!

Congratulations on your purchase of a Leica Sport Optic product. By registering this purchase, and upon acknowledgement of that registration, you will gain the full benefits of our Leica Lifetime Sport Optics Passport Protection Plan. This exclusive plan provides protection against manufacturing defects, functional failures, or any accidental damages to this product, including breakage, water damage, or any accident, excluding fire, theft, mysterious disappearance, deliberate damage, or any occurrence for which other insurance protection is in force. The Leica Lifetime Sport Optics Passport Plan is extended to Leica Trinovid Compact and BN Binoculars, Leica Televid Spotting Scopes and Oculars, and Leica Duovid Binoculars purchased on or after February 1, 2002. Leica’s Lifetime Sport Optics Passport Plan is not extended to accessories such as straps, cases, lens caps, for covered products. Specifically excluded are current (Leica Geovid, Leica LRF RangeMasters) or future products incorporating electronic components. By returning the product (including the piece with the identifying serial number) to us, along with a check for $35.00 for shipping and handling, we will repair or replace this product at no charge during the lifetime of the original purchaser, following acknowledgement of registration by Leica Camera, Inc.

Replacement, if required, will be with a functionally identical or like featured product, either new or refurbished, as determined by Leica Camera, Inc. That portion of the product bearing its serial number must be included with the return. The Leica Lifetime Sport Optics Passport Plan provides protection for any problem that effects the optical or mechanical function of the product. Cosmetic or other signs of normal wear and tear, on any external surfaces, including lenses, are not considered as effecting optical or mechanical functions of the product.

The Leica Lifetime Sport Optics Passport Plan is only valid for eligible products imported by Leica Camera Inc. (USA) and purchased by USA residents through Authorized Leica Camera Inc. Dealers!

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