Losmandy 160mm finder/photoguide ring set for Losmandy and Vixen dovetails

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These Losmandy rings mount a refractor or a catadioptric telescope up to
6" in diameter on an optional Losmandy or Vixen-style dovetail plate for use as a
finderscope, photoguide, or astrograph . . .
Our Product #: DVR160
Losmandy Product #: DVR160

Product Description

These large finderscope/photoguide telescope mounting rings mount a short focal length refractor optical tube or a small catadioptric telescope on an optional Losmandy D-series or Vixen-style dovetail plate. They let you use the second scope as a high power/variable power finderscope for your larger telescope; as a photoguide scope for long exposure deep sky photography; and as an astrograph. The rings are sold as a pair only.

They have a nominal 160mm (6.3") internal diameter and will hold optical tubes with an o. d. of 5" to 6.3". Optical tubes with the latter tube o.d. are a tight fit and allow for very little collimation range. A 5.75" i.d would be a more reasonable maximum size There are three large hand-tighten adjustment screws with non-marring Delrin tips in each ring. These allow you to collimate the refractor with the main scope optics when it is used as a finderscope, or to aim the refractor off-axis to locate an appropriate guide star or photographic target when it is used as a photoguide or astrograph.

The black-anodized rings weigh 3.5 pounds per set. The height from the top of a Losmandy D-series dovetail plate to the center of the rings is 5.1". With a Vixen-style dovetail, the height is 4.8". They mount on each dovetail plate with no tools required.

Tech Details

Weight 3.5 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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