G-11 Equatorial Mount With Gemini II Go-to System, folding HD tripod

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The industry-standard Losmandy G-11 is a rock solid visual and photographic tracking equatorial mount that can hold an instrument payload of up to 60 pounds. While not the most portable mount in the world, weighing in at 92 pounds with its 21 lb counterweight, it can generally be taken down and set up rather easily by one person, as the heaviest single component weighs only 36 lbs. This mount has excellent drive smoothness and accuracy, plus programmable periodic error correction, and is well-suited for astrophotography.

The inclusion of the new Losmandy Gemini II go-to hand-held high torque servo-based computer system turns the G11 into a full go-to computerized mount. The factory-installed Gemini II system includes an upgrade of the drive motors to higher torque versions that can support the high speed slewing of the go-to system.

The Losmandy Gemini II allows both stand-alone and PC-based control of the G-11 mount. The control electronics have the typical Losmandy hallmarks of being fully machined, anodized and brushed, with beautifully radiused edges that look like part of a Losmandy system, rather than a third party bolt-on. The new full-color graphic touch screen on the hand control clearly displays all functions. It has the classic four-button Gemini pattern for guiding, centering, moving, and slewing on both the touch screen and on a tactile four-button membrane on the rear of the hand control.

The new Gemini II feature set is comprehensive, making the system ideal for both casual observing and serious research. The system has been thoroughly tested in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and has been designed for precise and dependable use.


  • Made of machined aluminum and stainless steel, black anodized.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • One 3.750” diameter needle thrust bearing.
  • One 2.000” diameter needle thrust bearing.
  • Two 1.500” diameter needle bearings.
  • 5.625” diameter, 360 tooth, 7075 aluminum worm gear.
  • Dual supported, ball bearing housed, stainless steel worm that has been heat treated and ground for precision and accuracy.
  • Variable slip clutch, both axes. One knob design.
  • 1.250” diameter stainless steel r. a. and dec shafts.
  • Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment over a 14° to 64° range, with a large knob for easy alignment. (capable of operating over an 8° to 68° range with a small modification).
  • Laser engraved latitude scale in 2° increments.
  • Single knob azimuth control, bi-directional +/- 8.5°.
  • 5.000” diameter laser engraved setting circles: right ascension divided in one hour increments, with 4 minute tic marks and a vernier reading to 1 minute; declination divided in 10° increments, with 1° tic marks and a vernier reading to 0.1°. Right ascension circle engraved for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere use.
  • Porter slip ring design.
  • 160 oz/in stepper motor, with 0.5 arc sec. steps.
  • Industry-standard Losmandy “D-plate” dovetail saddle-plate allows for the interchanging of any tube assembly and reduces the need for declination weights.
  • Removable stainless steel weight shaft with safety knob.
  • One 21 lb counterweight is standard.
  • 7 lb and 11 lb extra counterweights available.
  • An optional through-the-axis polar scope works in Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • Instrument payload capacity 60 lbs (100 pound payload of instruments and counterweights combined).
  • Equatorial head weight 36 lbs.


  • All machined aluminum, black anodized, powder coated.
  • Tripod height adjustable from 33” to 48”. All heights are to top of tripod. Add 10” at 34° degrees latitude to the center of the declination/right ascension junction. Add 7” from the declination/right ascension junction to the top of saddle.
  • Folding leg design for easy transporting.
  • Tripod weight 35 lbs.
  • Carries up to 425 lbs.


  • Diamond push button pattern.
  • Right ascension and declination reversing switches.
  • Three guiding rates; 30%, 50% and 2x the sidereal rate.
  • Three setting rates; 4x, 8x, and 16x the sidereal rate.
  • Quartz tracking rates: sidereal, solar, lunar, King.
  • Periodic Error Correction (PEC).
  • Programmable declination backlash compensation (TVC).
  • Control panel dimmer.
  • Accepts auto-guider systems.
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere operation.
  • 12 volt DC - 500ma power use.
  • Tiltable control panel for easy access.
  • Small hand control box for comfortable use.


DC Servo Motor Details

  • The upgraded DC servo motors on this go-to mount have higher torque through their entire range of tracking and slewing speeds than the standard G11 mount. The drive system has a dual 12~18V DC input/output and draws 3.0A maximum.
  • A full-color graphic touch screen on the hand control of the stand-alone Gemini II system clearly displays all functions. There is a classic four-button diamond pattern for guiding, centering, moving, and slewing on both the touch screen and on a tactile four-button membrane on the rear. There is also support for the original Gemini four-button controller.
  • The Gemini II has 0.5 arc second positioning accuracy during go-to operation. It is GPS-compatible with an optional receiver. It has Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function to permit operation from anywhere using a browser, ASCOM, or an application over the web or serial port.
  • The more than 40,000 object memory of the Gemini II is non-volatile and the system contains a real-time clock. You can select from English, French, and German language displays. There are two USB ports; one for virtual COM to PC, and one for an ASCOM or planetarium program. There is PEC correction built in and an auto-guider port. The firmware can be upgraded via the internet.
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1. Cliff on 3/11/2013, said: AstronomicsAstronomicsAstronomicsAstronomicsAstronomics
I received this mount in summer of 2012. The shipping was fast, as always with Astronomics, and the product arrived safely without damage at my home 2 days later.
This mount is large and I can only compare it to my previous mount, a Celestron ASGT, also from Astronomics. It is head and shoulders above the ASGT. I put it together easily and had it working in no time. The only issue I had in the beginning was upgrading the Gemini II controller firmware but I have to admin that most of the issue was my fault.

This mount can be set up fairly quickly and I can be autoguiding inside of 10 minutes. If I had a complaint it would be that it took some tinkering to make this mount guide smoothly. I eventually ended up getting the Ovision one peice worm and installing it. It is much smoother than the stock worm i recieved with the mount. Oh, and I did not order this mount with the one piece worm block. It may have performed better with the Losmandy OPWB.

All said and done, I am happy with the mount but I have not used it to its fullest extent yet. For what I have used it for, autoguiding - so far up to 10 minute exposures and I have not tried past this, it has worked nicely. A very nice well built mount that has not failed me thus far.
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General Accessories
Computers for Telescopes (1)
AC Power supply for Gemini 2
by Losmandy
Counterweights (3)
Extra 7 lb. counterweight for Losmandy GM-8, G-9, G-11 mounts
by Losmandy
Extra 11 lb. counterweight for Losmandy GM-8, G-9, G-11 mounts
by Losmandy
Extra 21 lb. counterweight for Losmandy GM-8, G-9, G-11 mounts
by Losmandy
Dovetail Plates (3)
14" Losmandy Universal D-plate dovetail plate DUP14
by Losmandy
Side by side dovetail plate for Losmandy "D-plate" mounts and dovetails
by Losmandy
13" Losmandy-Style "D-plate" universal dovetail plate, black
by Astro-Tech
Equatorial Mounts (3)
Clutch Knob set (pair)
by Losmandy
Leg Clamp levers (set of 6)
by Losmandy
Tripod Knobs (set of 3)
by Losmandy
Finderscopes (1)
Polar scope for Losmandy GM-8 and G11 mounts, with illuminator
by Losmandy
Miscellaneous (1)
Gemini 2 to computer cable
by Losmandy
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Losmandy - G-11 Equatorial Mount With Gemini II Go-to System, HD tripod

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Losmandy - G-11 Equatorial Mount With Gemini II Go-to System, HD tripodImage of the Losmandy folding HD tripod open, with adjustable length legs fully retracted.Image of the Losmandy folding HD tripod folded for transport.Close-up of Losmandy G-11 single-knob altitude control for polar alignment.Close-up of Losmandy G-11 right ascension setting circle.Close-up of Losmandy G-11 azimuth control for polar alignment.Close-up of the Losmandy saddle plate that accepts both Losmandy "D" plate and Vixen-style dovetails.
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The Losmandy G-11 with the new Gemini II computer system is a high-precision go-to mount that can hold up to 60 pounds of payload. It may well be the only go-to German equatorial mount you'll ever need for visual observing and critical astrophotography . . .

. . . our 38th year