Meade 21mm Mega Wide Angle 100° field 2" eyepiece


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The 21mm Meade 100° field MWA (Mega Wide Angle) 2" eyepiece provides very wide field/medium power images with any size or type of telescope that accepts 2" eyepieces.

Our Product #: MWA21
Meade Product #: 607018

Product Description

The 100° apparent field of this new Meade Mega Wide Angle 21mm 2" medium power eyepiece is nearly 50% larger in area than an 82° field eyepiece of the same focal length. And its price is surprisingly economical compared to competitive 100° field eyepieces of a similar focal length.

You can use the field of view calculator below to see just how much sky the 21mm Meade Extra Wide Angle can reveal with your telescope.

The seven fully multi-coated lens elements of the 21mm Meade Extra Wide Angle provide full field sharpness - with well-controlled astigmatism, field curvature, and lateral color. Blackened lens edges subdue internal reflections to improve the contrast. 

The Meade 21mm MWA has a long 20mm eye relief for unvignetted use when wearing eyeglasses and is parfocal with the other Meade Mega Wide Field eyepieces. It is waterproof for protection against dewing during nights of high humidity and cool temperatures.

The 2" Meade 21mm MWA measures 3.1" in diameter and 4.9" in length. It  has a soft fold-down eyecup to shield your eye from ambient light (from a neighbor's security light, for example) to improve image contrast. It has a wide rubber grip ring for a secure hold in dewing conditions or when wearing gloves or mittens in cold weather, an important consideration with an eyepiece that weighs a substantial 27.5 ounces.  

Tech Details

Barrel Size 2"
Eye Relief 20mm
Field of view 100
Focal Length 21mm
Number of optical elements 7
Weight 27.5mm
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I have the set of the Meade 100 degree eyepieces. I like this eyepiece fine. It gives a really wide field at 20mm. The field of view is quite a difference from even my 20mm Televue Nagler at 82 degrees. I did notice some slight softening of the edges with this eyepiece that I did not see in the other Meade 100 degree Mega Wides, but even with that softening, I still had sharp stars past the Naglers 82 degrees. If you are looking for a medium focal length eyepiece for a great price, this is a good choice. (Posted on 1/14/2019)
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