Meade AC power adapter for Meade telescopes


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This Meade adapter lets you power any large Meade DC-powered telescope from a household AC power outlet . . .
Our Product #: RCXAC
Meade Product #: 07584

Product Description

This Meade AC adapter consists of two parts. One is a transformer that converts normal 110-120 Volt 60HZ household AC power to 12 Volt DC. An 8' cord connected permanently to the transformer ends in a 5.5mm o.d. male plug with a 2.5mm i.d. that fits into the 12 VDC power receptacle in the drive base of all LX200, LX-90, ETX-90/105/125, LXD-75, LX600, and RCX400 telescopes. The second part is a 6' standard three-prong AC cord that connects the transformer to the household AC outlet.

The transformer provides a 5 amp 12 volt DC output. This adapter can also be used to power previous LX200GPS (and similar) scopes in lieu of the now-discontinued 2.5 amp capacity #547 AC adapter previously recommended for those scopes.

The input is 110-120 VAC at 60Hz. It draws 70 watts. The output is a regulated 13.8 VDC with a constant 5 amp capacity and a 7 amp surge capacity.

Like all AC to DC adapters, this Meade adapter includes a lawyer-mandated warning not to use the adapter outdoors (where it might get wet). We have yet to hear of anyone turning themselves into toast because they used their adapter outdoors and got dew on it, but the scope and adapter manufacturers (and we) feel more comfortable exonerating ourselves from any possible liability in advance. Don't say we didn't warn you.

A little common sense might be in order when using the adapter. If used with an extension cord outdoors to reach your household power, do not use the adapter where the adapter/extension cord interface can accidentally be dragged into a swimming pool or puddle of standing water. Do not lay the adapter/cord interface on dew-soaked grass that might short out the adapter or on grass where dew might be expected to form as the evening progresses. Damage to you, the adapter, and/or your telescope that is not covered by your AC adapter and telescope warranties can occur in such a case.

Placing the adapter/extension cord interface on a hard piece of insulating material (cardboard, an old rubber bathmat, etc.), putting the adapter /cord interface inside a plastic sandwich bag and zipping it shut with only the cables coming through the mouth of the bag, or suspending the adapter /cord from the telescope tripod so that the adapter can't come in contact with dew-soaked grass might help alleviate the concerns of the ultra-cautious.

Tech Details

Weight 21 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
A few years ago the power adaptor for my Meade LX200 went AWOL so I purchased this replacement and have used it ever since. I haven't experienced any issues with it so I have no problem recommending this one. (Posted on 8/22/2019)
Review by:
I have been using one of these power adapters with my LX200 scope and it will work with many other Meade scopes as well. I still use it after many years on my scopes with no issues. I have also used this with my Orion Atlas EQ mount for AP as well with no problems. If your mount needs a 12V / 5A power supply, chances are this will work flawlessly. If you own a Meade scope, don't try to save$10 on a no name supply, go with this one and have some peace of mind. Clear skies! (Posted on 10/28/2018)
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