Meade Heavy duty equatorial X-Wedge for fork-mounted Meade SCTs


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The Meade X-Wedge lets you do long exposure astrophotography with fork-mounted Meade LX200 or LX600 altazimuth mount telescopes. 
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Meade Product #: 07028

Product Description

The altazimuth fork mount of Meade LX200 or LX600 telescopes allows short DSLR and CCD exposures. However, long exposure photos show the stars as streaks, due to an effect known as field rotation. An equatorial mount (tilting the fork arms over to point at the celestial pole) is required if you want to do deep space exposures longer than about 5 minutes without star-streaking. 

The heavy-duty Meade X-Wedge does just this, mounting between your telescope and tripod to tilt your scope over to align its axis of rotation with the Earth's axis of rotation. This allows long exposure photos without star-streaking.

The Meade X-Wedge is precision CNC-machined from ultra-rigid aircraft grade aluminum. Large easy-adjust hand-tighten knobs allow smooth, accurate altitude and azimuth adjustments. Thirty percent more stable than competing equatorial wedges, the X-Wedge provides a secure and stable mounting with exceptional vibration damping, setting a new standard for fork-mounted equatorial stability. It allows tracking from horizon to horizon with a fork mount telescope without the need for a meridian flip such as is required by a German equatorial mount.

The Meade X-Wedge can be used with the Meade field tripods supplied with the 10" through 14" aperture LX200 and LX600 telescopes. It can also be used with 10" and larger LX90 models, as well as the larger discontinued LX50, LX200 "Classic," and RCX400 scopes. The Meade X-Wedge can also be pier mounted, using your own hardware.

Tech Details

Weight 35 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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Have used a wedge with my 10" Meade LX200 for a number couple of years for planetary imaging and this is a well designed system. The Alt/Az bolts are easily adjusted and allow for precise polar alignment. As some of these scopes are very heavy the slotted bolt at the top of the wedge allows you to quickly attach the scope by yourself. (Posted on 1/13/2019)
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