Meade LX65 GoTo Alt-Azimuth Mount and Tripod

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This product has been discontinued.

The Meade LX65 GoTo alt-az mount could be the perfect portable GoTo mount for your growing astronomy adventures.  The LX65 mount is lightweight, portable, computerized, and can hold two different telescopes.

Our Product #: LX65
Meade Product #: 228000

Product Description

This product has been discontinued.


The LX65 features a newly designed single-arm mount with Meade’s AudioStar® Hand controller. This new mount is compact, yet sturdy, providing a great combination of portability and performance. Additionally, the LX65 has the ability to hold two optical tubes, making your experience twice as enjoyable! With its quick and portable setup, you’re ready to start observing in minutes. The LX65 system breaks down into 3 compact pieces and does not require any tools, making it a breeze to transport to your favorite dark sky location!

This versatile scope features two dovetail receivers that allow you to use two optical tubes at once, for a chance to observe your objects both in wide field or close up! The main saddle can hold up to 14lbs, while the secondary saddle can hold up to 7lbs. The max payload capacity for the LX65 mount is *21lbs. This added versatility makes the LX65 great for astronomy outreach or sharing the night sky with others and will be sure to impress anyone with its technology and optics.

*The max payload capacity for the LX65 mount is 21 lbs. - that is the combined load capacity only. We don’t recommend anyone put 21 lbs on the main dovetail saddle or the secondary saddle.*


The LX65 are smart scopes that know the night sky right out of the box. Enter your site information, find level and North, and Easy Align picks two alignment stars for you and places them right in your viewfinder. Center them to fine tune your alignment and the wonders of the Universe are at your fingertips.


The Meade AudioStar® hand controller features audio files and an internal speaker. This computerized celestial object location system plugs into the telescope's handbox port, allowing a quick telescope alignment. Once aligned with the sky, the AudioStar® is ready to take you to any object in the over 30,000 object database. In addition to GOTO and tracking capability, AudioStar® permits a wide array of fascinating and educational functions such as multiple guided tours, digital positional readouts, the ability to link with a PC using optionally available software and cord, and much more.

Dovetail Vixen-Style on Primary and Secondary Saddles
Hand Controller AudioStar™
Object Database 30,000 objects
Control Panel Handbox. Aux1 Port. Aux2 Port. 12v Power.
Power Source Eight (8) C-size Batteries or 12v External Power (USER SUPPLIED)
Assembled Product Dimensions 33.5" x 39" x 63.5"
Assembled Product Weight MOUNT ASSY: 18.7lbs. TRIPOD: 8.5lbs.

Tech Details

Weight 27.2 lbs.


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