Meade LXPS7 7 Amp-hour 12V DC rechargeable battery


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The Meade LXPS7 Power Supply 7 amp-hour rechargeable battery solves your portable power problems by giving you a multi-output 12V DC power supply for operating your telescope all night in the field.
Our Product #: LXPS7
Meade Product #: 606001

Product Description

The Meade 7 amp-hour LXPS7 Power Supply solves your portable power problems by giving you a multi-output 12V DC power supply for operating your telescope and small accessories in the field. This 8.4 pound (3.8 kg) rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery works with all telescopes that can be powered by a 12V DC external power supply.

The Meade LXPS7 Power Supply has all of these features:
  • 7 amp hour battery capacity (somewhat less if used in temperatures below 32 degrees F), enough for many hours of observing with most telescopes; normal temperature operating range is 32°F (0°C) to 86°F (30°C)
  • two 12 VDC cigarette lighter plug outputs for powering scopes and accessories, with sliding covers to keep them dirt- and debris-free when not in use
  • two 5 volt 1.5 amp USB outputs for powering accessories, using user-supplied USB cables
  • an 8' long DC power cord with a cigarette lighter plug on one end for connecting to one of the cigarette lighter plug outputs on the Meade LXPS7 Power Supply and a female 5.5mm pin jack plug (with an inner diameter of 2.5mm) for connecting to the 12V DC input on a Meade telescope on the other end; a supplied pin jack adapter lets you use the cord with other telescope brands that use a smaller diameter center post in their DC input  
  • very, very bright built-in 30-LED hinged spotlight for scope setup/takedown and for finding your way across a dark field (definitely not for use at star parties if you want to preserve the dark-adapted vision of those still observing)
  • a built-in flashlight for scope setup and takedown with a tethered detachable red lens cover to preserve your dark-adapted vision (too bright for reading star charts; a variable brightness LED flashlight is still best for that)
  • separate on/off switches for scope power, red lens flashlight, and spotlight
  • battery indicator lights that show the status of the battery - ON/ready to use; needs charging; charging; or OFF/fully charged
  • an external 110V AC recharger for replenishing the LXPS7 Power Supply's battery charge as many as 100 times or more (since Meade products are sold world-wide, the LXPS7 Power Supply also includes AC adapter plugs for use in Europe and Asia); the AC adapter can be used with any 100 to 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC power supply
  • a pair of 12VDC battery posts for jump-starting your car if needed, using a user supplied set of jumper cables
  • a molded-in carrying handle
  • a shoulder strap.
The Meade LXPS7 is compatible with all Meade LT, LS, RCX, and LX Series telescopes. However, because the LXPS7 Power Supply has a 12-volt DC output, it cannot be used with very early Meade LX200 scopes that require an 18V DC external power supply.

As with any rechargeable battery, the LXPS7 Power Supply will operate at full power until approximately 40% of its charge is left. The output voltage will then start to drop relatively quickly past this point. At 30%-35% of its full charge, the LXPS7 Power Supply may not have enough output voltage to successfully operate your various electronic components. The maximum true full power output capacity of the 7 amp-hour LXPS7 Power Supply is therefore in the neighborhood of about 4.5 to 5 amp-hours.

To calculate how long the 7 amp-hour LXPS7 Power Supply will operate your particular complement of equipment, add up the maximum amperage ratings of your telescope and telescope accessories. Divide 4.5 amp hours by the total amperage draw of all your components to find the worse case number of hours that this LXPS7 Power Supply will operate your system. 

Keep in mind that scopes and accessories will usually not operate continuously at their full rated amperage. A dew heater might be rated at a 1-amp draw, but that is when it is turned up to maximum power. Seldom are dew heaters turned on full and left at that setting. Operating at only 1/4 to 1/3 of the rated power is usually more typical. A scope may draw 750 milliamps when slewing, but only 300 mA or less when tracking. 

The actual operating time of the LXPS7 Power Supply on a single charge can therefore often be two to three times the length of the worst-case scenario calculated above. Your operating time will depend on the ambient temperature and the particular combination of components you are using.

The battery instructions caution against using the charger continuously for more than 24 hours to avoid overcharging the battery and possibly damaging it. In addition, the instructions recommend that if your battery storage temperatures are less than 50°F (10°C), the battery should be charged at least once every 180 days. At storage temperatures from 50°F (10°C) to 80°F (27°C), it should be charged at least once every 90 days. At temperatures from 80°F (27°C) to 104°F (40°C), it should be charged at least once every 45 days.

Printed instructions are supplied with the Meade LXPS7 Power Supply. If all else fails, read the instructions!

Tech Details

Weight 8.4 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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Really like my Meade battery for my short evenings outside. Runs my 6SE for hours and like the red light for packing up after my viewing. Easy to carry also - strongly recommend. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
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