Metal dust cover for 14" Meade Astrozap dew shields


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This blue-finish metal dust cover fits over the end of a 14" Astrozap dew shield to protect your optics when your telescope is not in use . . .
Our Product #: DSC14BL
Astrozap Product #: AZ-309

Product Description

You normally can't use your telescope's friction-fit dust cover when you have a dew shield installed on your scope, since the dew shield fits on your scope in place of the dust cover.

But you don't have to take your Astrozap dew shield off your 14" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and store it away in order to use this Astrozap dust cover. This spun aluminum dust cover fits snugly over the end of your Astrozap 14" dew shield to keep your optics dust free, even with the dew shield in place on your scope.

The lip of the dust cover has felt strips inside for a secure friction fit. They hold the dust cover firmly in place, even when the telescope optical tube pointed towards the ground. The dust cover is painted black and fits Astrozap 14" Meade SCT dew shields only.

Tech Details

Weight 10.5 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I use an astrozap dust cover for a C9.25 carbon fiber scope with an astrozap aluminum shield shield. It came with the scope as an included accessory with an aluminum Astrozap shield (used) . You will need the Dust cover by the way as the dust cap that comes with the scope wont fit it. If you take off the shield after every session its a non issue, but if you leave it on, want to do dark frames in field and want to cover the scope without removing the shield for whatever reason, etc, you will need this. (Posted on 12/26/2018)
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