Miller 10.5" 30 Degree Planisphere for 25-35 degrees N

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Dial in the day and time and this handy rotating disc star chart shows you the sky at that particular moment. For observing sites in the southeast, south central, and southwest United States - Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, etc . . .
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Simply dial in the time of the day and the day of the year on this handy rotating disc star chart and its sky window will show you exactly how the sky will appear overhead at that particular moment. It works for any hour, of any day, of any year. You can use it to learn the constellations, or to easily and quickly determine when a particular part of the sky will be visible from your observing site, so you can plan your observing sessions in advance. This 10.5" diameter Planisphere shows more than 1000 stars to the fifth magnitude and lists many star names. It shows light stars on a blue background to protect your dark-adapted vision, and shows the Milky Way, constellation outlines, and stellar magnitudes. On the back is a list of the constellations in which the major planets will appear over the next few years. It also shows the positions of the brighter Messier objects, including all those visible to the unaided eye from a dark sky site. The Miller Planisphere is made of heavy-duty washable plastic and is unaffected by dew and moisture, so it will remain readable and useful for years to come. It's complete with a protective plastic slipcase. This 30 degree North Planisphere is for use at observing sites from 25 degrees north to 35 degrees north, which covers the southeast, south central, and southwest United States (cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, etc.)

If a 10.5" diameter is a little large for your needs, say if you want to take it backpacking, consider the smaller 5.5" Mini-Planisphere. This deletes half the stars, the star names, Messier objects, planet position list, and some of the minor constellations due to space requirements, but is otherwise identical to this larger 10.5" version. Where space is at a premium, however, the Mini-Planisphere is very handy.

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