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  1. Celestron CPC Deluxe 1100 HD 11" Go-to altazimuth SCT with EdgeHD optics

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    Award-winning Celestron EdgeHD optics, in a 11" size that will amaze you with its performance, combine with a newly re-engineered and upgraded Celestron CPC fork mount to produce an outstanding example of just how good a go-to telescope can be while still being light enough for most people to set up on their own . . .
  2. Celestron CGX-L 1100 EdgeHD 11" SCT with EdgeHD High Definition Optics 12076

    The Celestron CGX-L 1100HD telescope puts big aperture 11" aplanatic EdgeHD high definition/high contrast optics on a CGX-L go-to German equatorial mount  to give you an ultra-high performance telescope you'll enjoy for years . . .
  3. Celestron CGEM II 1100HD Computerized 11" f/10 EdgeHD Telescope 12019


    The Celestron CGEM II 1100 HD telescope combines big aperture 11" aplanatic EdgeHD high definition optics, a precision Celestron CGEM go-to German equatorial mount, and an ultra-premium 82° field Axiom eyepiece in a superlative and surprisingly portable true astrographic-quality telescope . . .

  4. Celestron 11" EdgeHD optical tube, CGE/Losmandy dovetail

    The EdgeHD high definition flat field optics of this Celestron 11" EdgeHD optical tube give you a true astrographic-quality big aperture 11" optical tube at a surprisingly affordable price . . .
  5. Celestron CGX Equatorial 1100 EdgeHD f/10 Telescope 12057

    This Celestron CGX Equatorial 1100 HD Telescope is a large, yet portable, astronomer's dream. The EdgeHD optics excel at astro-photography giving you the edge you have been looking for.
  6. CGEM DX 1100 HD 11" SCT with EdgeHD high definition ptics


    This product has been discontinued and is here for informational purposes only.

    The Celestron CGEM DX 1100HD - a double Sky & Telescope Hot Product - combines big 11" EdgeHD high definition optics with a Celestron CGEM DX go-to  mount to give you a superlative and surprisingly portable true astrographic-quality telescope.

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6 Item(s)
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