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  1. iOptron GEM28 go-to German Equatorial Mount with iPolar, hard case, and LiteRocTripod

    iOptron's compact next-generation GEM28 mount is a tiny titan with a 28 pound payload capacity.
  2. iOptron CEM40EC Center Balanced GoTo Equatorial Mount With 1.75" LiteRoc Tripod


    Introducing the CEM40EC next-generation, center-balance equatorial mounts. The CNC body looks sharp however, its beauty is more than skin deep.

  3. iOptron HEM27 Hybrid Strain Wave Drive Mount with iPolar and Case

    If you are looking for a lightweight high performance mount, and don't want the hassle of a counterweight, then this harmonic drive mount is perfect.
  4. GM-8 Equatorial Mount with Gemini II go-to computer


    The Losmandy GM-8 with a Gemini II go-to computer is a well made high-precision go-to mount that is ideal for the serious visual observer/astrophotographer who needs a highly portable mount with a 30 lb payload capacity.

  5. Sky-Watcher EQ8-Rh Pro Equatorial Mount With Pier Tripod


    110 Pound Payload

    Belt Driven on Both Axes with Renishaw 11.8 million tick encoder on RA axis

    Integrated Cable Management System

    Heavy Duty Pier Tripod

  6. Sky Watcher CQ350 Pro Mount Head only with counterweights

    Sky-Watcher’s all-new CQ350 is a fully-GoTo equatorial platform entering their mount lineup right between the flagship EQ8-R Pro and EQ6-R Pro mounts (already favorites among world-class imagers and serious-minded newbies), filling the payload gap to satisfy the discerning astrophotographer’s endless pursuit of a supremely dialed-in, observatory-class setup.
  7. Software Bisque Paramount MX Series 6 heavy duty robotic German equatorial mount

    The Paramount MX™ Series 6 represents the latest in gear-driven German equatorial mount performance.
  8. iOptron CEM70 "center-balanced" go-to equatorial mount, iPolar finder, without tripod

    The iOptron center-balanced CEM70 go-to German equatorial mount has a payload capacity of 70 pounds, yet the mount head (less counterweight) weighs only 27 pounds. Designed to give intermediate and advanced astrophotographers and visual observers both excellent performance and big scope capacity.
  9. iOptron HAE43EC Dual Equatorial and Alt-Azimuth Strain Wave Mount Head WIth iPolar and High Precision Encoders

    These light weight, compact, medium payload titans will deliver an astronomy experience like never before. Imagine a mount head weighing in at less than 13lbs with a payload capability 44lbs, without needing a cumbersome counterweight or shaft.
  10. iOptron CEM120EC go-to 120 lb payload mount head with precision encoders and WiFi

    Precision, Payload, Price. The perfect mount.
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